Easter Chocolate Recipe

Easter Chocolate Recipe

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Handmade Easter Chocolates

Making homemade gourmet chocolates for Easter is easier then you might think.  Fresh chocolates taste better, have cleaner ingredients and are much more fun then store bought chocolate brands.  What better way to show your love to your little bunnies then to have them discover fresh chocolates Easter morning?

The following recipe is a California favorite.  This is a base chocolate recipe that you can adapt and flavor in many ways. If you want to make your truffles dairy free, soy free and Kosher Pareve for Passover, substitute the milk chocolate with our  Pareve Organic Dark Chocolate 70% and in place of butter, use Pareve coconut cream. 

The chocolates shown in the picture are some of the ways we decorate: coffee bean, crushed nuts or cocoa powder. Let your imagination fly and experiment.  One thing is for sure, your chocolates will taste great.

Easter Butter Truffle Recipe:

8 oz Kosher  Santa Barbara Milk Chocolate

1 oz Honey

3.5 oz Butter

Stir room temperature butter until a cream mixture.

Combine butter with melted milk chocolate and honey.

Pour chocolate mixture into a shallow pan with vertical sides, paper lined.

Refrigerate and allow to thicken and cut into squares.

Coat squares in tempered  Santa Barbara Milk Chocolate or coat squares in Kosher Baking Cocoa. Decorate as desired.

Click here to learn how to temper chocolate.

If you don't want to temper the milk chocolate coating, please use our  milk chocolate compound coating. Just chill to set truffles after coating.