French Chocolate Truffles

French Chocolate Truffles

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 13th Aug 2023

French chocolate truffles are known for their rich and indulgent flavor profile. They are typically made with high-quality chocolate, cream, and sometimes butter, resulting in a luxurious and melt-in-your-mouth experience. Here are the flavor characteristics commonly associated with French chocolate truffles:

  • Rich Chocolate: The primary flavor in chocolate truffles is, of course, chocolate. High-quality dark chocolate is often used, which imparts a deep, intense, and slightly bitter cocoa flavor. The chocolate is the star of the show, and its richness is central to the truffle's taste.
  • Creamy and Silky: The addition of cream and sometimes butter in the truffle ganache (the filling) contributes to a creamy and silky texture that enhances the overall experience. This creaminess complements the intensity of the chocolate flavor.
  • Velvety Mouthfeel: When you bite into a well-made chocolate truffle, you should experience a velvety and smooth sensation as it melts in your mouth. This sensation comes from the combination of high-quality chocolate and the presence of fats from the cream and butter.
  • Subtle Sweetness: While chocolate truffles are rich, they're not typically overly sweet. The sweetness is usually balanced to allow the natural flavors of the chocolate to shine through. This creates a harmonious balance between the bitterness of the chocolate and the sweetness of the other ingredients.
  • Aromatic Notes: Depending on the type of chocolate used, you might detect various aromatic notes, such as hints of vanilla, caramel, nuts, or even fruity undertones. These aromas can be more pronounced in truffles made with different chocolate varieties.
  • Cocoa Powder Coating: Many traditional chocolate truffles are coated in cocoa powder, which adds an extra layer of flavor and a slightly bitter contrast to the creamy ganache inside. The cocoa powder coating also contributes to the truffle's appearance.
  • Possible Variations: While classic chocolate truffles are made with dark chocolate, variations exist, such as milk chocolate truffles or white chocolate truffles. These variations can offer different flavor profiles, with milk chocolate being creamier and sweeter, and white chocolate adding a buttery and vanilla-like taste.

Remember that the precise flavor of chocolate truffles can vary based on the quality of ingredients used, the specific recipe, and the preferences of the chocolatier. However, the key characteristics mentioned above generally define the delightful taste of traditional French chocolate truffles.

2 Ingredient French Chocolate Truffles:


Cocoa Powder Supplier:

Dark Chocolate Supplier:

- Fine Quality @santabarbarachocolate Dark chocolate 5 oz (150g) (melt on water bath or in microwave pulsed)

- Heavy Cream 30-33% Butterfat 2 oz (65ml) (warm)


1. Mix everything together.

2. Put into the fridge for an hour, then into the freezer for another hour.

3. Form candies, roll in cocoa and you're done = authentic French Truffles in Cocoa

Incredibly tender and delicious. Homemade chocolate truffles are the very best.

Bon appetit