Healthy Dark Chocolate Tart

Healthy Dark Chocolate Tart

Published by Santa Barbara Chocolatier Ligia on 22nd Jul 2023

Yes, it's true that chocolate desserts can also be a part of a healthy diet. Allow me to show you how easy it is to make my four-ingredient healthy chocolate tart.

Here's the recipe for my 4-Ingredient Healthy Dark Chocolate Tart:


- 1 cup coconut yogurt

- 1/2 cup melted dark chocolate chips sweetened with coconut sugar from Santa Barbara Chocolate

- 1/8 cup almond flour

- 1/4 cup unsweetened dried cherries


1. Begin by melting the dark chocolate chips using a double boiler or a microwave-safe bowl. Stir until smooth and set aside.

2. In a separate bowl, combine the coconut yogurt, melted chocolate, almond flour, and unsweetened dried cherries. Mix well until all ingredients are evenly incorporated.

3. Pour the mixture into a mini cake mold, ensuring it is evenly distributed.

4. Place the tart in the refrigerator and let it chill for approximately 2 hours, allowing it to set.

5. Once the tart is firm, remove it from the mold. Dust the top with cocoa powder for an extra touch of flavor and presentation.

6. Serve and enjoy your guilt-free indulgence.

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