How to make a beautiful edible fruit arrangement

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Beautiful Edible Fruit Arrangement Ideas and Tips

Sure fruit baskets are pretty and always well received, but why not step your gift up a notch by creating a dazzling edible fruit arrangement. Getting creative with food is not only fun but will also turn something standard into something out of this world! There is so much you can do with edible fruit arrangements that the possibilities truly are endless. The key to the perfect fruit arrangement is inspiration and quality of produce. Take a look at these tips and ideas to make your edible fruit arrangement stand out from the crowd.

The Fruit Selection - Picking the Right Fruit

Ok first of all you need to think fruit and choose wisely! If you can pick fruit that is as fresh as possible but try to avoid fruits with a bad reputation for being leaky or over watery. Bananas are also worth avoiding, as are apples. Let’s face it – no one wants a brown and discolored fruit arrangement arriving at their door. Stick to can’t go wrong fruits like strawberries, grapes, melons, and other berries.

Tools of the Trade for Fruit Arrangements

You will need the right tools to conduct your fruity and fabulous artistic experiment. This will include lots of pointy skewers, sharp little knives, melon ballers and shaped cookie cutters. You will also need some general idea of what you are doing and a container to do this on to avoid your magnificent creation tumbling to the floor.

Divine Fruity Inspiration

Whether you want to create a bouquet of edible fruit flowers, a leaning tower of Pisa fruit model or a baby in an edible fruit crib for a baby shower, you will need inspiration when it comes to your edible fruit arrangement. This is the fun part and also the hardest part so take your time once you have chosen an idea.

The Chocolate Touch

Let us not forget one of the most important aspects of an edible fruit arrangement and that is the chocolate. Now of course chocolate isn’t always used in fruit arrangements but it will make your gift far more appealing if you have opted for shades of delicious chocolate whether your fruit be dipped or drizzled. You need to use a very high quality dipping chocolate if you don’t want to risk messing up your creation. I always choose the use Santa Barbara dipping chocolate as I know it a superior brand of chocolate that is easy and versatile to use and ignites all your senses with the very first taste.

Dip your strawberries in the deep, dark dipping chocolate or coat the petals of your honeydew melon flower with rich and creamy white dipping chocolate to bring a beautiful contrast in color and make your fruit arrangement come to life.