How to Temper Coconut Sugar Sweetened Chocolate

How to Temper Coconut Sugar Sweetened Chocolate

Published by Santa Barbara Chocolate on 30th Dec 2021

Tempering Report 

1. General information

2. Objectives

  •  Demonstrate a correct tempering of the chocolate.
  •  Give recommendations to the client to improve their tempering.

3. Process

- The chocolate wafers are melted at low (50% microwave power setting) until they reach a temperature between 40 - 45°C (104-113F). Microwave heat in increments of 15-20 seconds so as not to burn the cocoa butter component. Cocoa butter burns around 50ºC+ (122F+).


- After reaching the desired temperature range, the chocolate paste is cooled down to a temperature between 25 - 27°C (77-80F). A quick chill can be completed in the refrigerated/freezer.


- Subsequently, the paste is tempered once it reaches a working temperature range between 30 - 32°C (86-89F - work with the chocolate within this temperature range). Please consider that the mold that the chocolate is poured into must also be at this temperature and not higher or significantly cooler.


- Pour the desired amount into the mold, give vibrations the mold to homogenize and spread the chocolate inside it, let it cool and finally proceed to unmold.


4. Results

  •  You can see a correct unmold of the chocolate.
  •  It does not present residues in the mold after unmolding.
  •  Correct homogenization of the chocolate.


5. Conclusions and recommendations

  •  Consider the temperature ranges on the tempering curve:


  •  Make sure that the mold is not damp, this affects the tempering.