IRIS A.I. Helps Us Make Heathy Chocolate

Posted by Jason Vishnefske on 10th Nov 2016

An Easier Way to Eat Healthy

Research Making Healthy Eating Simpler and More Accessible

Healthier eating has become easier these days. Businesses have put a stronger focus on providing higher quality foods and on bringing what can benefit the consumer. Here at Santa Barbara Chocolate we are always looking to make chocolate that will offer the taste and health that everyone craves. IRIS has become a key factor in making this happen. It makes finding the healthiest and environmentally aware options simple, taking a lot of the research and work out of the process. IRIS works exceptionally well, the juxtaposition of a low-tech business like us, Santa Barbara Chocolate, using the most advanced artificial intelligence like IRIS to make a low tech candy healthier is rather funny. A new chocolate is already available that came from the use of IRIS, and it proves that this AI (artificial intelligence) is the best way to develop new organic chocolate and other goods. Once other companies understand IRIS, the world will see a boom in new, creative and sustainable goods that will make our lives better.

What is IRIS?

IRIS is an AI created by a small team that wanted to bring efficiency to researching. Research, in most cases, is a long and tiresome process. You will have to go through every paper individually, doing research by hand. Some services exist to help, but not to the extent that IRIS does. It “reads” a single research paper and finds similar ones out there. It goes through the millions of research papers available to read, finding relevant papers and giving you direct access to them.

It does this by analyzing the individual paper and looking for key components. It will find the information that you want it to find, that makes up the paper, and will give you a large number of related papers in turn. You can go through these to find the information that you need. All of them will appear with dates and titles, and will offer direct links to the information in the paper.

When thinking of a new way to make a product healthier, this is a great tool to have. Say you want to make chocolate couverture, but you want to do it with a healthier chocolate mindset. You could buy or make what you know already works, or you could go with something designed for optimum health. By using IRIS, it is possible to make such a product. Using the research available, you can find the perfect mixture of ingredients.

This is not a recipe book. IRIS works for all types of research, not just chocolate making. Any research paper that you put through it will come back with a large number of related papers. You can go through each of them to find the desired information, using what you read to your liking. It merely collects information to give to you; it does not tell you how to use it. We have used IRIS as a way to produce better organic chocolate.

Going Low-Tech

IRIS is not some massive computer system that requires tech people and specialists to work. Simple and straightforward, anyone can use it. You need no prior experience or education in technology or AI to make use of it. It takes whatever paper you have and does the analyzing itself, with no outside input necessary. Anyone, even a child, can do this.

The ability to take advantage of this, like our staff here at Santa Barbara Chocolate has, raises the possibilities out there. Instead of relying solely on current knowledge, there is the potential to grow and to do more. Businesses can go beyond their current limits, using information and knowledge currently available to support their decisions. It opens up a business to new options, like a chocolate designed after using IRIS. 

Better in Every Way

Compared to similar services and compared to finding the research yourself, IRIS is better. Its visuals, usability, simplicity, effectiveness, and efficiency are all better. Not to mention the incredible time savings IRIS offers.This is why it produces higher quality results continuously. You can see only the most relevant information in a way that is easy to consume. There are fewer restrictions and difficulties, making it approachable and usable for all.

For anyone working in a new field of study, for anyone with no or limited experience with research, or anyone wanting the highest quality results, this is the most effective choice. This is why we have been using it for current and future products. It does a great job of collecting information, which the specialists at the kitchen can put to use.

Designed by using IRIS our Soy Free Dark Chocolate contains no soy lecithin and is made using organic chocolate liquor. It is a shade grown chocolate that has been very specifically formulated from what IRIS found in years of cataloged extensive research. IRIS gave us an easy accessible data field to draw from and make the best dark chocolate at the top of what organic chocolate can be.

This is how the research began with IRIS:

Use IRIS For Your Research: