Origin Coffee with Origin Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

How to pair Origin Chocolate and Origin Coffee

At an after dinner party people may rave about pairing the perfect combination of chocolate and wine, but on those days when it just won’t do to pour a large glass of red for brunch you can explore a whole new universe of pairing chocolate and coffee.

True Love Sprung from a Bean

Chocolate and coffee are true lovers; both are rich in taste and hold a multitude of flavors that come bursting forth from a tiny, seemingly insignificant bean. Pairing chocolate and coffee can be a truly mesmerizing experience that can ignite all your senses and leave you perched in seventh heaven. Before conducting your delectable coffee and chocolate experiment you should always make sure that you have the finest coffee in your cupboard. It helps to buy your coffee in bean form and then grind the beans yourself at home. Once the bean is ground down it starts to oxidize and lose its delicious dark flavor and sweet aroma. The oils can even go rancid, which will leave your coffee with a bitter taste that should certainly be avoided.

Mocha in the Mouth

Fresh coffee beans and pure unadulterated chocolate from Santa Barbara Chocolate Company is the key to a perfect Sunday brunch. If you really want a smooth, evocative and exotic experience then start with these pairing options and let your sweet tooth run wild. To perfect your tasting method simply place a coin of chocolate onto your tongue and take a sip of coffee, keep your coffee black to avoid overcomplicating or hindering the taste. As the coffee and the chocolates mix together in your mouth you will start to experience the true taste of mocha.

Kona Coffee and Belgian Milk Chocolate

From the misty and magical slopes of Hawaii comes the Polynesian special of pure Kona coffee. 100 percent Kona coffee seems to capture the true essence of nirvana, on first sip the taste may seem as simplistic and sweet as the farmlands where the coffee beans were reared. However on the second sip you will be almost overwhelmed by the complexity of tastes as the mellow tones of nuttiness and dash of dark fruit shines through. To thoroughly compliment and balance the aromatic taste of the world’s most expensive coffee you can choose a creamy Belgian Milk Chocolate from the Santa Barbara range and let the slight hint of vanilla, the butter like consistency, and the heady cocoa roll around your tongue.

Ethiopian Peaberry and Belgian White Chocolate

The dark heart of Africa has long been known for creating fabulous coffee and Ethiopia is perhaps one of the best countries in which the peaberry grows. The tiny peaberry dedicates so much of its existence to creating heady, aromatic and truly irresistible coffee. On first sip the Ethiopian peaberry packs a punch that lingers on the tongue, overtones of lemon ring out as your taste buds dance to life and a hint of chocolate resonates from somewhere deep in the cup. With one long sip you can taste the mountains, you can taste the plains and you can taste the rich soil of the velvet green forests. When you add a chunk of Santa Barbara Pure White Belgian Chocolate into the mix you have a pairing that is as close to perfect as it could ever get. The creamy white chocolate perfectly counters those lemony notes and delivers a delectable hint of flora.

Italian Roast and Organic Dark

From the roar of the Vespa’s to the glow of oranges hanging heavy on the vine, the cobbled rods of Rome and the sun setting over the green fields of Tuscany, Italian roast coffee certainly evokes visions in the mind. The taste does the same, even though many Italian roasts are actually a combination of beans that come all the way from Tanzania, Costa Rica and even Indonesia. Roasted in the Italian way this coffee is dark and sweet, ready to ripen on the tongue and leave you with a spring in your step. When you combine these characteristics with a deep, dark and slightly fruity coin of Organic Dark Chocolate (72%) you have entered into another realm of taste. Every note rises to the perfect crescendo and leaves you with a combination that is sure to linger.