Organic Milk Chocolate Couverture

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Organic Milk Chocolate Couverture

With 46% cacao solids milk couverture chocolate by Santa Barbara Chocolate is the perfect balance of single-origin heirloom Criollo cocoa aroma and the smooth melting creaminess of premium organic whole milk.

While producing our perfect milk chocolate couverture, we pay attention to every single detail. One of the key aspects of this process is creating the right combination of the best cacao beans of exotic origin with high-quality milk and just a gentle spark of sweetness. Thanks to the medium fluidity, our organic milk chocolate is perfect for baking and dipping, but it is also delicious when eaten straight from the package! What’s more, it is worth knowing that it is certified Kosher. It will allow you to cater your confectionary and baked goods to those clients who consider these premium hallmarks as important.


Using such excellent milk chocolate couverture, you will be able to offer your clients top-quality products. As a result, they will recommend your business, rate it high on the internet, and come back for more accompanied by their family or friends.

Warranty Information

Organic Milk Couverture - chocolate produced by Santa Barbara Chocolate is made with 46% high-quality cocoa solids of exotic origin. 

Milk Chocolate Couverture Definition

Santa Barbara Chocolate's couverture milk chocolate meets all USA FDA requirements. Beyond these standards our gourmet milk chocolate also meets the highest standards set under European Union Law for couverture designation, not to mention USDA regulation for real 100% Organic.

Please note that most chocolates sold in the USA under the couverture designation do not actually meet the high standard set in Europe while some European chocolates sold as organic here in the USA do not meet the same USDA standard for organic certification. Our chocolate meets all standards of quality in both USA and Europe.

Directive 2000/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 June 2000 relating to cocoa and chocolate products intended for human consumption:

The sales names "chocolate", "milk chocolate" and "couverture chocolate" specified in Annex I may be supplemented by information or descriptions relating to quality criteria provided that the products contain:

- in the case of chocolate, not less than 43 % total dry cocoa solids, including not less than 26 % cocoa butter, 

- in the case of milk chocolate, not less than 30 % total dry cocoa solids and not less than 18 % dry milk solids obtained by partly or wholly dehydrating whole milk, semi- or full-skimmed milk, cream, or from partly or wholly dehydrated cream, butter or milk fat, including not less than 4,5 % milk fat,

- in the case of couverture chocolate, not less than 16 % of dry non-fat cocoa solids.

Choose Real, Quality Chocolate

If you seek organic and want couverture quality, get the real thing. So many companies do not clearly identify what they are selling and often fudge the boundaries of definition (this is what is happening at the big online shopping sites). Bottom line is skip the pesticide, skip the bs and go organic, real organic, real couverture chocolate.


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Organic Milk Chocolate Couverture with 46% cocoa solids.

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