Santa Barbara Chocolate: Bringing Sweetness to the World of Technology

Santa Barbara Chocolate: Bringing Sweetness to the World of Technology

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Bringing Sweetness to the World of Technology

Standing on more than 25 years of innovative chocolate experience, Santa Barbara Chocolate has managed to establish itself an innovative, environmentally cautious producer of gourmet chocolate. Customers throughout the United States and even in famous chocolate countries like Switzerland, France and Belgium are ordering California chocolate.

The secret behind  Santa Barbara Chocolate is the unique take on the traditional industry, resulting in a new American flavor that captures the very essence of a Californian lifestyle. Unlike many other chocolate makers, Santa Barbara Chocolate crafts chocolates from hard to find ethical trade cocoa beans grown in South America and the Caribbean including the Amazonian headlands. This exotic cocoa has a pronounced fruity note and a strong nutty-like flavor offering an exotic chocolate experience.

Santa Barbara Chocolate chooses suppliers that are accredited with certifications and some have multiple certifications of HACCP, UTZ, USDA Organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance. These certifying organizations are dedicated to the conservation and protection of mother nature and this is why it is important to look for companies that use ingredients certified by these respected environmentally aware agencies.

Where Technology Likes Chocolate

California is a place of big dreams, world-changing tech companies, and cities like Santa Barbara with Mediterranean style white stucco buildings and red-tile roofs that reflect the city’s Spanish heritage. California is also the leader in championing environmental health and the general well being of its citizens. Technology firms have a big influence on driving the California economy and the direction small businesses like Santa Barbara Chocolate take to fulfill their customer’s needs. Because of the influence and interest in helping improve the environment while improving the standard of living for California residents, these tech firms are seeking suppliers that can deliver the service and product congruent to these values. As a result through market forces, companies big and small are evolving to an environmentally conscious level with a happy human centric model. Due to the unique flavor and dedication to Californian values, Santa Barbara Chocolate has been discovered by major tech companies looking for a California style holiday gifts.

Among these quality conscious tech customers is Santa Barbara based  Appfolio, an industry leader of cloud based software for property management and Los Angeles based Connexity. Connexity is one of the first developers of an e-commerce marketing platform for boosting shopper sales and improving multi-channel marketing for e-commerce merchants and retailers.

The popular Santa Barbara Chocolate gift box called the  California Collection which is filled with chocolate nuts and fruits has become the tech choice for chocolate gifts. These gourmet gift boxes have also been sent to companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal.

From Amazonian headlands to beautiful Santa Barbara and the heart of Silicon Valley, the taste of Santa Barbara Chocolate crosses continents, cultures, and the line between the physical and the digital world.


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