Santa Barbara's Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

The Three Powerful Ingredients in Our Chocolate

At Santa Barbara Chocolate, we believe there are 3 powerful ingredients that make our chocolate unique:

  1. Customers Who Know Their Chocolate
  2. California Flavor Profile
  3. Quality Chocolate

Our affair with chocolate began in Europe and we are proud to say that this history influences everyone at Santa Barbara Chocolate Company.

Amazing Quality and Health

Anyone reading this who loves his or her chocolate will know the particular feeling that sweeps through you when you experience the unique taste of a truly great quality chocolate.  Only the best experts, dedicated to creating a versatile, product of pure excellence, make our chocolates!

Online Service and Variety

As well as providing the best quality chocolate, it is also part of our mission to give the best quality in service. Visit us at and you can view some of the most delicious and versatile presentations of chocolate.

Our  natural chocolate creations contain only the very best of Californian varieties of lightly toasted nuts and fruits. You will want to reach out for our exceptional, crunchy butter toffee, or delicious chocolate truffles and classic nougatine creations and much more. They can be presented in gourmet gift boxes and gift basket selections, making that very special difference to the receiver.

The Cacao Influence 

The cacao influence is making life better for people now and in the future. It is these principles that define what we do at Santa Barbara Chocolate Company - delivering Happiness through  Great Organic Chocolate.