Single Origin Chocolates and Types

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Single Origin Chocolates and Types

As a semi finished ingredient producer and supplier we are conservative in our approach to origin labeling of raw cacao. This is why on some of our chocolate names you'll see the word "blend" associated with a location or region.

We aren't doing genetic testing on every batch, but we are buying cacao from brokers we trust and know. The brokers buy the cacao from small farms rather then large single plantations. As a result the cacao comes from multiple sources, usually small homes spread out along a single road in the rainforest. The farms are basically family homes with cacao trees growing wild in the backyard (almost like avocado trees in a backyard here in California).

The issue as you can imagine is the cocoa farmers usually aren't part of an organized company and they sell their cacao through Farm Co-Ops (just like your local farmer's market selling produce).  

Our Dark Chocolates audited raw cacao Ethical trade in part or totality by UTZ, RFA, Cocoa Trace or Serapase through a broker network:

Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture: Ecuador South American Blend

Rainforest 100% Unsweetened Dark Chocolate: South American Blend

Vietnam 73% Dark Chocolate Couverture: Cacao is coming from Ben Tre Mekong Delta Vietnam