What Is White Chocolate Couverture?

What Is White Chocolate Couverture?

Published by Santa Barbara Chocolate on 26th Jul 2021

What Is White Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is high-quality chocolate that has been enhanced with extra cocoa butter and possibly an emulsifier to help reduce viscosity. White chocolate couverture will be more fluid and milled for a finer texture when compared to traditional white chocolate chips.

Lower viscosity is the main determination of couverture chocolate (more fluidity). Lower viscosity means the chocolate is less thick and sticky when melted. As a result, couverture is an easy melting chocolate that works well as coating chocolate for hand-dipped truffles and fruit.

Is White Chocolate Real Chocolate?

Some people believe that white chocolate can't be real chocolate due to its color. High-quality white chocolate is a cocoa product and therefore, is a real chocolate. It has cocoa butter as the main fat component, and cocoa butter is the natural fat from the cocoa bean. The best white chocolate couverture will have a high percentage of cocoa butter and no artificial flavor or palm oil. Keep in mind that white chocolate has a subtle touch of natural vanilla added to help enhance the flavor of pure cocoa butter.

Santa Barbara Chocolate couverture white chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter and has no added palm oil and no artificial ingredients. Our white chocolate meets all standards of high-quality real chocolate. It proved time and time again to meet expectations of amateur baking enthusiasts and professional chocolatiers.

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Compound Chocolate and Couverture Chocolate - What's the Difference? 

Couverture chocolate tends to be more expensive than the usual compound chocolate. Most often people can't really tell the difference when it comes to tasting these two types especially as the white version. However, compound chocolate and couverture chocolate differ significantly.

Compound chocolate is made of cocoa powder and oil (usually cottonseed, palm kernel or soybean). It's easy to work with and doesn't require tempering, which means it's perfect for making molded chocolates quickly with minimal effort (it is also more white in color then real white chocolate). It won't have the same crisp texture and beautiful shine as white couverture, but it will still set just fine after having been melted. However, just a small amount of cold liquid will turn your compound chocolate into a gooey mess so always keep water away from mixing into compound or chocolate.

On the other hand, couverture chocolate is considered to be superior to all other types of chocolate. It's made of cocoa mass and cocoa butter, which melts at a temperature slightly lower than the body temperature. The white couverture version will be cocoa butter and milk without the dark cocoa fiber. Couverture is more difficult to handle - it needs to go through a procedure called tempering, which involves heating, cooling, and re-heating the bulk chocolate while mixing it. In the end, the couverture chocolate will have a sheen, crisp and taste no other type of chocolate is able to provide and when eating compound next to couverture it is easy to see the difference.

When to Use White Chocolate Couverture?

Chocolatiers all around the world use white chocolate couverture. It doesn't matter whether they're making chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, pralines, or other desserts - white chocolate couverture is a premium ingredient used by the best in the industry. it is easy to flavor white chocolate also so many truffles will be mostly white chocolate and flavored. The white option is not as bitter as dark so it won't interfere with the taste of flavorings like blueberry or passionfruit.

Santa Barbara Chocolate White Couverture

Santa Barbara Chocolate White Couverture is a coating chocolate made with extra cocoa butter to offer a smooth even melt and a rich texture that's full of flavor and easy to temper. 

Pressing the cocoa bean will produce two main ingredients: cocoa butter and dark brown cocoa fiber. After pressing, the dark brown cocoa fiber part can be ground up to make cocoa powder. If the cocoa bean is not cold pressed but instead ground up, it will result in chocolate liquor.

Real cocoa butter (what we use exclusively in making white chocolate) has an ORAC value of cocoa antioxidants and it contains vegetable fats, stearic acid and palmitic acid. The pure white cocoa butter is mixed with cane sugar and fresh milk, giving you the product you want - our white chocolate couverture.

ORGANIC WHITE CHOCOLATE is pressed organic cocoa butter, organic sugar and organic milk powder all made to USDA organic standards and certified as organic. Our organic audits cover all aspects of growing, including water auditing. We are using the same recipe except for the raw cocoa pods. We are now buying those from a farmer's co-op, with the farms set at the rainforest mountain's base.