White Chocolate Couverture Differences and Melting

White Chocolate Couverture Differences and Melting

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

White Chocolate Couverture Differences and Melting

Our Rio Tigre White Chocolate Couverture has full flavor whole milk from Idaho and California with slightly lower cocoa butter compared to our Belgian  White Chocolate Couverture which has a more pronounced deodorized cocoa butter flavor with Belgian, French and Dutch milk. So in melting and mouth feel, the Belgian chocolate is clean and even melt but requires a full 98F to start melting (if someone is drinking wine it takes longer to start melting). The Rio Tigre chocolate is more cheese like and melts more quickly at a lower 95F, so if someone is drinking wine it melts faster. 

The Belgian White will give you a thinner coat as it is more fluid, while the Rio Tigre does nicely dipping by hand offering a smaller foot print. 

For moulding, the Belgian will offer a much thinner shell so you may have to leave in the mould a tad bit longer if you want the mould shell to be thicker and or more durable (when popping from the mould if the shell is too thin they can crack or the base could remove).  The Rio Tigre, as it is slightly thicker, will offer a thicker shell and there is less set up time as a result - Rio Tigre removes from moulds easily, as easily as the Belgian. 

I like the Belgian chocolate for making truffle shells and I like the Rio Tigre chocolate more for solid moulding of chocolate bars or bark etc.

Hope this helps.