Whole Cacao Fruit Chocolate is Coming to Santa Barbara Chocolate

Whole Cacao Fruit Chocolate is Coming to Santa Barbara Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Whole Cacao Fruit Chocolate is Coming to Santa Barbara Chocolate

Whole cacao fruit chocolate unleashes the wonder that nature carefully contains in every cacao fruit pod. A 100% single fruit sourced ingredient chocolate that tastes naturally sweet from the raw cacao fruit sugar - no other added ingredients.

Santa Barbara Chocolate is dedicated to offering pure chocolate with as few as possible additional ingredients. The invention of a chocolate made entirely from the cacao pod, a true single ingredient sourced food without any other added ingredients, is an environmentally friendly food with a lower carbon footprint.

Whole Cacao Fruit Chocolate Debuted in San Francisco

Whole cacao fruit chocolate has been making waves already in a soft release to chocolate professionals. Top San Francisco chocolatiers have begun making whole fruit chocolate desserts in restaurants and niche confectionary stores with tremendous success.

Santa Barbara Chocolate will bring whole fruit chocolate to a worldwide market online.

What is Whole Cacao Fruit Chocolate?

The world’s first range of 100% cacao fruit chocolate will be available to order online from in early 2020. Made entirely and only from the cocoa tree fruit, it is ground cocoa beans and cocoa fruit pulp sugar. This mildly sweet dark chocolate has balanced cocoa notes and a subtle plum like flavor and sweetness. It is a fresh fruit like chocolate tasting experience.

Whole Cacao Health Benefits

Complete cacao fruit chocolate is rich in taste and texture. Using the cocoa pod in its entirety when making chocolate results in chocolate with unique benefits.

Cacao fruit pulp is usually not included as an ingredient when making chocolate. The pulp has antioxidant value and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The benefits of cacao fruit are thought to even go so far as to rival the anti-inflammatory qualities of superfoods like turmeric. By using the whole cocoa tree fruit and by including the fermented cacao pulp sugar, the overall sugar content of this chocolate will be lower than similar types.

Whole Cacao Fruit Sustainability Benefits

In regular chocolate making, only cacao beans (which account for about 20% of the cacao pod content), become the chocolate we know and love. By comparison, chocolatiers using the new whole fruit chocolate will be using the entire cacao pod. This is environmentally sustainable chocolate making.

At Santa Barbara Chocolate we’re forging ahead in a new kind of whole food revolution. We like to think of it as a whole chocolate revolution. Get your taste buds ready for the new chocolate experience.

Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske