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COCOA BEANS FROM RAINFOREST TO YOU. Cocoa beans are the seeds inside the cacao fruit.
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Cocoa Beans direct from the rainforest are raw, tasty and thriving with nutrients. Raw chocolate doesn't get any more raw, because here we offer the cocoa beans themselves! A true flavor grade cocoa makes the best chocolate. Imagine what the famous heirloom cacao tastes like, as pure as it gets, you'll have experience once you have added this to your diet.

Wild grown and harvested Criollo cacao varieties are the ones the Mesoamericans cherished. Criollo cacao trees have seeds irregular in size, shape and color. Growing in a special microclimate within the rainforest, the heirloom cocoa trees have extra fine quality fruit filled with top quality cocoa seeds. These special trees are growing among vanilla orchids and banana trees.  

  • Wild cacao: The most prized flavor grade
  • Sun dried
  • Eat the dark brown nib inside the skin - this is what is used to make chocolate
  • Crush the cocoa nibs and enjoy in trail mix as a cacao superfood
  • Grind cocoa nibs into cocoa mass paste and mix with honey to make your own raw chocolate
  • Crush cocoa nibs and grind to make a thick drink, whisk with milk, cinnamon and honey 

Make bean to bar chocolate from raw cacao. Try these cocoa beans making your own stone ground chocolates. Place cacao in a towel and rub so you winnow away the thin brown skin. Grind the dark brown cocoa nibs, the part eaten after the skin has been removed, into cocoa mass paste. Add honey as a sweetener to make your own raw chocolate. Eat the cacao straight like nuts after winnowing.  Our pure raw chocolate cacao varieties are popular with paleo and keto food followers, health minded athletes and creative foodies looking to make savory chocolate recipes and homemade chocolates that are vegan. 

This is raw ingredient 100% cacao, no sugar added.

Try this: Rinse a few cacao beans and wrap them in a napkin to dry them. Take the napkin with the beans and microwave on high for 1 minute (they steam slightly which helps make it easier to remove the skin). It will smell like fudge brownies while they cook. Remove the napkin from the microwave and when the cocoa beans start to cool peel the skin away. Once at room temperature eat the cacao - they will be crunchy. The flavor profile changes when they are steamed versus eating them oven roasted, pan roasted or raw from the package.


Cocoa beans from the Rainforest. Please see the video below to get to know the trees.

Highly aromatic Cacao - wild harvest

Grown in a hilly terrain - micro climate

Fresh harvest March - May and October - December

Sun dried cacao

87 cocoa beans average per 3.5oz

*Wild cacao is irregular in shape and color. The not so perfect looking cacao seeds often make the most flavorful chocolate. Side by side taste test comparisons confirm that wild cacao makes chocolate with subtle flavors of vanilla, floral, red berry fruit and macadamia nut.

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Cacao Beans fresh from the cacao pod and sun dried. This is one of our famous raw cacao ingredients used in making Santa Barbara Chocolate. These are cacao pieces direct from the rainforest.

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