100% Cacao Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Chips (Criollo Mini Wafers)

New Mini Wafer Size
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Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Chips made with 100% Criollo Cacao is the gourmet vegan baking chocolate enjoyable eaten right from the bag. A single ingredient, unsweetened chocolate with sophisticated heirloom cacao flavor notes, you can trust the sustainable direct trade cacao is top quality.

  • Single Origin Criollo Cacao
  • Direct Trade from the Amazon Rainforest
  • Clean of Allergens like nuts, dairy, soy
  • Vegan Parve Certified
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • 1 Ingredient: Organic Cacao Beans
  • Smooth Couverture Quality
  • 100% Pure Cacao Dark Unsweetened Chocolate

The Santa Barbara Chocolate innovative mini wafer shape is like a chocolate chip but not as tall and is more flat and round. This is the smartest design for baking chips because it offers an easy and convenient shape in measuring while also providing a wider coverage of chocolate flavor on the tongue during tasting. The delicate heirloom Criollo cacao flavors are more recognizable in this shape.

Approximately 1,200 Mini Wafers in one pound.

Organic 100% chocolate is an unsweetened chocolate made from pure Criollo cacao. The new mini wafer size is like a chocolate chip, but flatter and not as tall. There are about 1,200 mini wafers per pound.