Cake Truffles Recipe

Yield: 10 cake truffles, recommended serving 2 – 3 truffles.


Chocolate cake crumbs (leftover cake broken up):

12 oz

Onyx ganache/glaze/sauce:

4 oz

Onyx (melted to 110°F):

4 oz

Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder:

1 oz

Extract of your choice for flavoring:

2 tsp


  •     Melt chocolate ganache/sauce/glaze.
  •     Mix the melted ganache/sauce/glaze with the cake crumbs (and optional flavoring if desired) with a fork, until incorporated, but not too dense a texture.
  •     Scoop into balls with with 1oz scoop onto parchment lined sheet pan.
  •     Refrigerate the balls, when firm, roll between your hands to smooth the surface (imperfect is perfect – you want the look of a handmade truffle) and return to refrigeration.
  •     Melt Onyx to 110°F.
  •     Dip the chilled cake balls into the Onyx to coat.
  •     Allow to set.
  •     Roll the coated cake balls in Red Cocoa Powder, shake off excess cocoa powder.
  •     Keep refrigerated until service, but allow to come to room temperature before serving.