Chocolate and Berry Shortcake Recipe

Yield: 12 – approx. 2.5” diameter cupcake portions


Chocolate and Berry Shortcake


Whipped cream:

1 qt

Fresh Berries:

2 pt

Chocolate sauce:

1 pt

Chocolate angel food cake:

Split in ½



Chocolate Angel Food Cake


Angel food cake mix:

15 oz

Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder:

1.5 oz



Chocolate Sauce


Onyx (melted to 110°F):

8 oz

Heavy cream (room temperature):

8 oz

Light corn syrup:

1 tsp


Directions for Chocolate Angel Food Cake

  •     Add Red Cocoa Powder to mix and proceed as mix package directs.
  •     Bake per mix directions (muffin liners, parchment lined ½ sheets or tube pan).
  •     Cut into slices or cubes for dessert assembly or tube pan-cake can be dusted with Red Cocoa Powder prior to slicing.

 Directions for Chocolate Sauce

  •     Mix Onyx, heavy cream and corn syrup together. Keep warm (not hot). If sauce breaks, remove from warmer, and pour in splash of very cold heavy cream. Stir gently with rubber spatula until incorporated. Sauce should come back together.

Directions for Assembly

  •     Place ½ split angel food cake on plate.
  •     Spoon dollop of whipped cream on cake.
  •     Spoon berries over whipped cream.
  •     Top with ½ split angel food cake.
  •     Top with chocolate sauce.