Chocolate Berry Trifle Recipe

Approx. 30 – 4oz portions



Berry Trifle


Full sheet chocolate angel food cake (or any cake) cut into 1” cubes:


Prepared white chocolate mousse:

60 oz

Fresh berries or fruit compote:

6 pt

Onyx crunch layer:




Chocolate Crème Filling


Whole milk:

28 oz

Hot or cold process pastry cream (prepared as directed with Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder):

35 oz



7 oz

Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder:




Crispy Onyx Layer



8.5 oz

Crispy Crepe Crunchies:

3.5 oz

Directions for Berry Trifle

  •     Place cake cubes in trifle dish(es).
  •     Pour layer of white chocolate mousse on top of cake cubes.
  •     Sprinkle layer of berries on top of white chocolate mousse.
  •     Set disc of crispy Onyx layer on top of berries.
  •     Pour layer of double chocolate crème filling.
  •     Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Directions for Double Chocolate Crème Filling 

  •     Warm ½ of milk required to 120°F (warm to hot).
  •     Whisk in Red Cocoa Powder until dissolved.
  •     Add cocoa infused milk to cold milk.
  •     Make pastry cream, prepared as directed.
  •     Fold in melted Onyx at 120°F.
  •     Pour into shallow ball and cover surface with plastic wrap, puncture plastic wrap with multiple holes to allow mixture to cool. Once cooled, refrigerate if not using immediately.

Directions for Crispy Onyx Layer

  •     Melt Onyx to 110°F and fold in the Crispy Crepe Crunchies.
  •     Pour onto parchment sheet.
  •     Place another sheet of parchment on top and spread the mixture evenly across the sheet with a plastic scraper to desired thinness.
  •     Refrigerate until set.
  •     Cut into whatever size shape is needed for your desserts.
  •     Store well wrapped in refrigerator or freezer until needed.

*Place as layer between mousse or crème in a cake, entremets or verrine that will be kept/served chilled. Makes approx. 1 sheet pan size layer depending upon thickness.