Cordial Cherries

Cordial Cherries hand packed in a deluxe gift box.


Cordial Cherries are the Best Chocolate Fruit Choice

Cordial Cherries are better than other chocolate dipped fruit because a cordial is more than chocolate dipped cherries. A cordial cherry by Santa Barbara Chocolate is a fresh red cherry, glacéd and floating in a cherry liquid filling, encased in gourmet chocolate. Each bite is more than fruit and chocolate, but rather a rich plump cherry, bursting with sweetness and flavor. This is a sumptuous tasting experience.

Cordial cherries are our best selling gift box

How To Eat Cherry Chocolates Successfully in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Pop the whole chocolate cherry in your mouth because they are liquid filled gems.
  2. Don't bite right away, let them start to melt...
  3. Once melting in your mouth, bite and eat them up. Oh wow, these are awesome and way better than any other.

How to Justify Buying Cherry Chocolates to Anyone Who Asks:

  • Cherry Chocolates Alleviate Stress.
  • They Have Fruit Inside
  • The Chocolate! Oh My Gosh.
  • Cherries Are Romantic.

Approximately 20 large cordial cherries. Net Wt. 11 oz.


To make real gourmet cherry cordials it is important to use fresh high quality cherries.



Warranty Information

Cordial cherries have a liquid center and may leak. Because each cherry chocolate is made by hand, the size of each piece will vary depending on the cherry inside the chocolate and the chocolatier's dipping technique. Hand made chocolates are made with love and attention to detail but not consistent in size and shape.