Double Chocolate Crème Pie Recipe

Yield: 43 oz filling, r 12 x 3.5 oz portions, or 9” to 10” diameter tart.



Hot or cold pastry cream (prepared as directed):

35 oz


7 oz

Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder:

1 oz

2” (prebaked) tart shells:



  •     Warm ½ of milk required for pastry cream to 120°F.
  •     Whisk in Red Cocoa Powder until dissolved.
  •     Add cocoa infused milk to cold milk.
  •     Make pastry cream as mix directs.
  •     Fold in melted Onyx compound at 120°F.
  •     Pour into pie shells/tart shells and chill.
  •     Garnish with whipped cream and berries.
  •     To coat tart shells, melt the Onyx and apply with pastry brush to interior pie/tart shell and chill. 

*Note: Pies or tarts that will be stored filled for more than 1 day, should have shell coated with Onyx (as moisture barrier) and chilled, prior to filling with pudding.