What to expect from Santa Barbara Chocolate:

1) Pure Freshness

With our national distribution network we go through large volumes of chocolate; and thus, we constantly receive fresh chocolate directly from the manufacturer. We never accept low-grade chocolate from third parties at discounted rates nor do we accept chocolate that has sat in a warehouse for months.

2) Best Quality and Value Online

We believe in long-term strategic relationships. This is why we partner with brands founded on strong principles to deliver great cocoa products. We work closely with every company with a focus on long term sustainability to support cocoa communities, improve cocoa farmers' livelihoods and minimizing environmental impact. We ethically source quality cocoa ingredients at fair prices at every step of the chocolate making process

3) Great Deals on Shipping

We offer flat rate shipping, as well as Fedex options so you can choose the shipping method that saves you the most money. Plus, we don't charge for ice-packs and insulation during hot weather.

4) Intelligent Customer Service

Santa Barbara Chocolate's mission is to spread joy and happiness so don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer representatives here.

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5) Safe and Secure Online Ordering

Implementing the highest technological security measures available, you won't have to think twice when ordering from

Additional Details: Please keep in mind you are ordering a chocolate type based on a general recipe that could have variations (in the individual product details we describe the chocolate type). Shape, size, color, texture, cocoa content and individual perception of sweetness and flavor can change without notification or due to one's personal demeanor (this is a food product and is therefore subjective based on environmental issues, emotion and context). We will make the chocolates as close as possible to the specification listed on the individual product page, but variation may occur (chocolate is an agricultural crop and variation happens naturally and production may make adjustments without notification). If we are out of a product and it is necessary, we may upgrade your order and fill it with a similar chocolate type without notification. We do not guarantee a specific recipe or formulation for each type of chocolate. We may make recipe adjustments or changes to individual products without notification. We do not offer refunds or returns on chocolate, cocoa or other food items.