Perfect Chocolate Cake Tips and Tricks

Baking Decadent Chocolate Cakes

Perfect Chocolate Cake Tips and Tricks

A decadent and indulgent chocolate cake is the perfect cake for every occasion, whether you want to bring a slice of joy to a child’s birthday or whether you want to treat your friends and family – no-one can refuse a gooey slice of rich chocolate cake drizzled with cream or served with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice-cream.

For many happy go lucky bakers, chefs and experimental cooks, the chocolate cake can be something of an Achilles heel. The chocolate cake is a tough cookie when it comes to making it stand out from the crowd. You can either get a cake that’s too crumbly, too sunken, too rich, too light, and too dense or that is just simply a disaster! A good chocolate cake will echo around the world so if you want to finally perfect that chocolate cake take a look at these tips.

Choose Chocolate Carefully

Bulk Dark Chocolate Coins

One of the most important factors when it comes to chocolate cake creation is the chocolate. If you want your chocolate cake to make waves instead of ripples then you need to use the very best chocolate you can get your mitts on. Cheap store bought chocolate won’t boost your cake taste and in some instances it can even spoil the taste. When baking cakes I always choose Santa Barbara Chocolate whether I want to dip, melt, or swirl it seems Santa Barbara Chocolate really has the very best, authentic and godly taste that contributes to a chocolate cake.

Marry the Flavors with Chocolate

Making Fresh Orange Zest

Even when you use the very best chocolate, such as Santa Barbara Chocolate, it is a fact that chocolate is always looking for a mate. As chocolate is such a deep and decadent flavor it works perfect when it is complemented with another flavor. Vanilla extract is of course a common choice but you can also opt for a hint of orange zest, a drop of buttermilk, a touch of chili or even a handful of grated zucchini. Chocolate is versatile so start experimenting to make that match in heaven.

Keep your Cool

Great Cake Frosting - Chocolate Ganache

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to chocolate cakes is to attempt to frost or ice it before the cake is cool. If you try to attack your cake with the icing before it is ready the frosting will slide right off and give your cake a rather unsightly finish. Practice patience and always dust your cake down with a pastry brush to remove excess crumbs before putting the finishing touches with frosting. The best chocolate ganache frosting for your cake.