The Taste of True Chocolate

What does real chocolate taste and look like?

When it comes to chocolate nothing beats the true taste of quality. From that melt in your mouth moment of pure bliss, you can taste the indulgence. Chocolate by definition can be a tough cookie, but you can usually tell the real thing from the fake not only by taste, touch and scent but also by checking the packaging.




     Chocolate by Definition

     The FDA has set out chocolate standards of identity to ensure you know exactly                what kind of chocolate you are enjoying. Real chocolate is made with cocoa butter.







     How can you tell the difference between real and fake        chocolate?


Faux chocolate will use some clever word play on the packaging; if you are looking for the real thing and you come across terms like chocolate flavor or made with chocolate then odds are, that by definition you are not buying real chocolate. Chocolate that has been created with any other source of fat than cocoa butter and milk is not classed as  the real thing.




     High Quality Chocolate

Couverture chocolate takes the silky taste one step further by ensuring a high              quantity of cocoa butter, fragrant cocoa solids and a hint of vanilla. Together the          cocoa butter and solids should make up at least 54% of the ingredients to be              considered authentic couverture chocolate. The end result will usually be glossy, rich, and creamy with a delectable snap when broken. This is the choice chocolate used by professionals.





     Where can I find Chocolate information on the FDA's           website?

     If you want to find out more about industry standards check out our links and see        what the FDA has to say.





         A Chocolate Recipe Perfected by Connoisseurs

When it comes to chocolate integrity nothing can beat the real taste of true                   chocolate. From the silky smooth cream of milk chocolate to the semi bitter finish on     the tongue of dark chocolate – real chocolate is extravagant and creating it is an art     form that has been perfected over the years by the masters.




     Chocolate at its Very Best

We believe in honesty and integrity when it comes to creating the perfect                    connoisseur chocolate. We want to give our customers the very best experience,           from the moment it touches your lips to the way the authentic taste lingers in your       memory – every bite is a mark of quality. Not only do we offer the true taste of             chocolate every time, but we also deal specially in couverture chocolate. If you are       ready to take your dessert to the next level then don’t settle for anything less than       the best, the taste of true chocolate.