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Wholesale Bulk Chocolate, Organic Chocolate Supplier and Premium Cocoa Powder

Santa Barbara Chocolate Co. has been built on quality chocolate and the best customer service.  It would be a pleasure for us to be your wholesale chocolate supplier and bulk chocolate specialists. Kosher certified and organic dark chocolates are our specialty. We even have a range of Pareve certified cocoa powder. 
Craftsmanship, quality, value, respect - aren't these the attributes you want in a wholesale chocolate supplier? We started out as a small business making chocolate truffles and distributing candy making supplies. We worked sometimes 14 hours a day to get the job done. We know what it takes to run a company and we understand how important it is to have partners in your supply chain that you can count on day in and day out. Santa Barbara Chocolate appreciates your business and we understand the value of a customer and the relationship.
Santa Barbara Chocolate is here to be your long term partner providing you the best bulk chocolate, wholesale cocoa powder, melting chocolate, dipping chocolate, gourmet chocolate truffles and even rare organic chocolates. Our bulk chocolatess are certified Kosher chocolate and our wholesale cocoas are certified Pareve. Help us help you, if you don't see what you'd like to buy, tell us so we can help you find exactly what you need. At the end of the day, the measure of our ultimate success will be your success. Together we can bring happiness to many people and in the process have an incredibly rewarding future. Live long and prosper.
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