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Expected release date is 15th May 2021

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Black Cocoa Powder with a dark roast cocoa taste, earthy and heady with light fudge nuances and a trailing floral flavor. Having a range of cocoa powders offers versatility to the chocolate maker and baker. Dutch process cocoa is popular with gelato makers because each cocoa color has a unique and individual chocolate flavor. A tasting range of chocolate gelatos made from different cocoas can be presented for a fun and memorable experience.

The Santa Barbara Chocolate range of alkalized cocoa is characterized by clean flavors without any burnt after notes.

Typically the lighter the color of the cocoa, the flavor will be more bitter, fruity and with acidic notes. Medium brown cocoas will tend to have some red berry fruit notes and a fudge flavor that becomes more pronounced. Red cocoas have a fudge flavor mildly balanced with fruit flavors that give way to subtle floral hints. Black cocoa offers the darkest color, characteristically earthy with some fudge flavors. The color and smell are the most intense aspects and as a result work wonderfully in a mud pie recipe or in chocolate hazelnut gelato.  

Santa Barbara Chocolate bulk cocoa powder is the best value on the market.  Taste and compare to see for yourself why our dutch process cocoa is used by the top pastry chefs, ice cream boutiques and chocolatiers.  

ingredient: Alkalized Cocoa Powder

What is Black Cocoa? 100% cocoa solids: ground cacao cake, alkalized to offer the unique taste and color.

Cocoa Powder that tastes clean and smooth is hard to find. Santa Barbara Chocolate Black Cocoa is free of the heavy burnt taste typical of very dark colored cocoas. The reason why our cocoa tastes better is due to the special alkalization process of the cocoa beans that is finely tuned with the quality roasting. The result is an incredibly beautiful black color; it is considered by many to be the best cocoa powder available with such a dark color that is perfectly matched with the fine flavor of roasted cocoa.

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Black Cocoa Powder is an alkalized cocoa with a black color. Santa Barbara Chocolate does not burn the cocoa beans.

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