How to make delicious chocolate cocktails

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Chocolate Cocktails – Dressed to Impress

When the sun sets and the stars begin to glitter in the sky it seems that the night can come alive, for those who love to bring a little luxury into their life, a chocolate cocktail can be the most irresistible thing to get the party started. Cocktails have always been heaven in a glass and a highly sophisticated way to fuel the fun afterhours, chocolate of course was created by the gods to keep us happy. When these two worlds collide you have something extraordinary, something truly divine and something that you will dream about long after the sun comes up.

Dirty White Russian

Since the release of The Big Lebowski white Russians have become big news on the cocktail list. However for those who simply can’t get excited about the creamy milk, Kahlua and vodka combination there is another way to spice it up. The dirty white Russian is all about replacing the milk with exceptionally rich chocolate milk. Make it the same way you would a regular white Russian only be sure to mix some Santa Barbara Chocolate cocoa powder into the mix. Give it a good shake and serve over plenty of ice for the perfect party drink. The dude definitely does abide.

Hot Chocolate Martini

Even though the sun may be scorching those cool nights are just around the corner. To keep your insides alive and kicking why not make this truly delicious hot chocolate martini. You can drool just at the name but this inspired sweet cup involves a traditional hot chocolate livened up with a kick of vodka and a generous drop of rich amaretto. If you want the hot chocolate to be out of this world then make sure you use a high quality cocoa powder and finish with a dollop of whipped cream and some grated Santa Barbara Dark Organic Chocolate.

Chocolate Strawberry Daiquiri

Let your Latino spirit run wild with this highly delectable chocolate and strawberry daiquiri. We all know and love the traditional strawberry daiquiri, sweet and sour and served over lots of crushed ice – but imagine throwing chocolate into the mix. Chocolate and strawberries are best friends and perfectly complement each other.  Blend pina colada mix and bulging red strawberries until all smashed up and fruity, add a dash of baileys for extra lusciousness and add a shot or two of rich chocolate homemade liqueur for something truly dazzling on a summer day.

Chocolate Mint Mojito

Connoisseurs of chocolate will fall in love on the first sip of this highly sophisticated chocolate mint mojito. Passion in a glass has never been so simple to achieve all you need is some high quality dark chocolate, and crème de cacao to turn this traditional cocktail up a notch. Grab a tall glass and pour in a generous serving of crème de cacao, add the limes, the fresh mint and the sugar and smash with a big spoon. Melt some beautiful Santa Barbara Dark chocolate and add a spoon or two in with the mixture. Fill the glass with crushed ice and add the sweet dark rum for a soulful kick.