What Are Chocolate Truffles?

Posted by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 15th Dec 2017

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fresh chocolate truffles


“For some there is therapy, for the rest of us there is CHOCOLATE.”

Chocolate is one delicacy that no one can refuse. The chocolate industry has been busy entertaining consumers by introducing creative delicacies with each being tastier and more exquisite than the previous. One such miracle happens to be “The Chocolate Truffle”.


Ever wondered where do chocolate truffles get their name from? Well, “truffle” is derived from a LATIN word meaning “Lump”. Truffles are named after the mushrooms with the similar name because of the striking resemblance they share. The first chocolates were made in a crude way to look like the lumps... truffle lumps: originally called Truffles Chocolate referencing the look and what these truffles are made of: chocolate.

Source: http://www.reluctantgourmet.com/chocolate-or-mushroom-truffles/

Truffles (lump type- above right in the image - a type of mushroom) belong to a family of fungi that grow underground, mostly under Oak, Hazel, and Poplar trees. Since they grow underground, it was difficult to locate them. In earlier times, farmers used pigs to hunt this fungal growth as they could smell them easily. However, mushrooms proved to be the pig’s favorite cuisine and farmers hardly got any for themselves. Nowadays, dogs are specially trained to sniff out these mushrooms as they are trained to sniff any other drug. An added advantage, dogs don’t like these mushrooms so the farmers can keep all of their findings.

Truffles are a big part of savory cuisine. The fruiting body of the mushroom known as the “ASCOMA”, is the part that is used in cooking and most importantly savory cooking.

Homemade chocolate truffles are named after truffles because of the striking resemblance with the original truffle mushrooms. While one is the expensive fungus that grows underneath the oak trees, the other Is the intricate chocolate ganache coated in tempered chocolate as a chocolate coating. These chocolates do not typically contain real truffles the mushroom (until you see our recipe below); although, there is no disagreement about the fact that the chocolate industry has already tried its hands on the chocolate covered mushroom.

The classical recipe of the Homemade Chocolate Truffle includes a ganache which is a mixture of bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream. The classical recipe is experimented with varied ingredients to obtain different flavors.


Source: http://www.thenibble.com/reviews/main/chocolate/chocolate-truffle-history.asp

Ganache for the truffles is made by boiling heavy cream and then pouring the hot cream over chocolate. It is then mixed and chilled, making it either a dense chocolate or gooey center depending on the recipe. The ganache is then shaped in to lumpy balls, not necessarily an ideal sphere, and dusted off with cocoa powder or dipped in semisweet chocolate as the chocolate coating.

Typically, nowadays ganache is flavored or replaced by a number of other fillings such as:

  • Fruit Creams
  • Caramel
  • Nougat
  • Fudge
  • Mint
  • Toffee
  • Nuts
  • Marshmallows
  • Liquors

    Source: http://www.sheknows.com/food-and-recipes/articles/1069271/truffles-difference-between-the-mushroom-and-the-chocolate

    This masterpiece creation comes from the culinary brilliance of a French Patisserie. It was likely an accident that became an undoubted luxury resembling a wild fungal mushroom, Truffle. Chocolate truffles when made in the classic way are dark or black in color, irregular shaped and look like they have been dug up just like the mushroom. The nice thing is the rougher and more homemade they look, the better. 

    Two incidents are reported about the first ever creation.

    The first incident involves the French patisserie Louis DuFour. It is said that while making the usual Christmas chocolate treats, which he was making on Christmas eve 1895 in Chambray France, Louis decided he wanted to surprise his customers with something creative and new. In order to pursue this, he made up an exquisite chocolate ganache which he shaped into small spheres. He then rolled the ganache spheres up in Cocoa powder to make them easier to touch and not have melt completely in one's hand. As a result of this creativity, his surprise creation became a delicacy everyone wanted.

    The second legend is more importantly related to the creation of Ganache which is nothing more than a scrumptious accident merely caused by Auguste Escoffier’s assistant in 1920. The assistant patisserie had by mistake poured the hot cream he had made into a bowl containing chunks of chocolate. This was perhaps the first ever ganache created. Upon cooling, the chocolate paste could be shaped into balls which he later rolled into Cocoa.


    Source: http://thecakeblog.com/2017/02/chocolate-truffle-cake.html

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with the mouthwatering taste of a chocolate cake. A layered, dense and moist indulgence of ganache and cake. Just like any other chocolate cake, it is topped with a divine frosting that will take you on the journey of a magical chocolate eating experience. Chocolate truffle cakes regardless of flavor combinations basically contain pure chocolate and cream in a delightful layered experience.

    There are numerous versions of this cake. Some bakers like to decorate these cakes by laying little truffle candies on top. Some coat the entire cake with the ganache that they had used as the filling while some include bitter orange syrup to counter the sweetness of the cocoa coating.

    The classic truffle cake comes with a simple dusting of cocoa powder. With culinary advancements and boundless ideas, bakers and patisseries have taken the truffle cake to a whole new level. Some are covered in chocolate flakes while others are covered in chocolate sprinkles. They also come coated with either a chocolate glaze or chocolate fondant.

    Truffles have become a favorite for almost all chocolate lovers. Chefs and patisseries are continuously evolving this delicacy to bring out the best recipe. Truffles being designed by confectioners for every special occasion with exotic flavors. This exquisite delicacy comes in some unimaginably beautiful packaging to represent the specialness of the finished truffles. 

    A box of chocolates is undoubtedly a wonderful way to express your feelings for special people in a distinct way.  


    Source: https://www.harryanddavid.com/h/chocolates-sweets-candy/truffles?flws_rd=1


    This is a regular question we receive at the chocolate factory. It usually comes as an email. As chocolatier I suspect the question is related to the basic question of what is a truffle? while just being phrased in a different way. I think I answered that question in the above article. But I also think the second possibility for this question is related to the recipe of actual truffles with chocolate. Truffles chocolate in my mind is a chocolate ganache with truffle oil.  I've made this delicacy for guests and they always love the exotic savory flavor. The question is What are Truffles Chocolate... a dessert or a savory dish? The nice thing is it works wonderfully as either option.  Make a fondue and dip cheese, bread or roll the ganache and make an actual truffle flavored truffle... Truffles Chocolate!

    Truffles Chocolate Recipe:

    16 oz of Truffle Chocolate

    6 oz Heavy Cream

    2 Tbsp Honey

    2 Tbsp Black Truffle Oil

    Bring the cream to a slight simmer of bubbles right before it boils. Pour over the chocolate and allow to set 30 seconds. Stir in the honey and Truffle oil. Voila - a Truffles Chocolate Fondue. Let the mixture chill for a few hours and then roll into balls and coat in black cocoa powder.


    Raw Chocolate Truffles

    If you ever ask me for my go to chocolate recipe, with no doubt I will give you my fudge chocolate brownies, but if you need a no bake recipe, then this is the perfect one for you! These truffles are rich, soft, vegan and really easy to make.

    My little nephew is not that little anymore, he is 13 years old now but when he was around 6 he always wanted to help me in the kitchen; recipes like this one were the best to let him be my cooking assistant. He was the one in charge of rolling and decorating the truffles - kids have fun making these.

    Remember truffles were born in France around 1920s; chef Auguste Escoffier discovered how to make them when he poured hot cream over chunks of chocolate by mistake and noticed that it was easy to make balls out of that chocolate mixture; we are truly thankful, Escoffier!

    These exquisite chocolate ganache balls have their name “truffle” because they look like the rare black truffle fungus. It is all about a raw chocolate look - a mushroom straight from the ground look... so it is okay that they don't look perfect.

    Nowadays you can find a lot of different truffle variations. I am going to give you two options to prepare in a vegan way and with cocoa powder instead of chunks. I recommend using high quality ingredients to get luxurious truffles.



    • ¾ cup of Rainforest Black Cocoa Powder
    • ¾ cup of coconut oil
    • ¾ cup of sugar
    • 1 can of coconut cream (14 oz.)
    • ½ cup of Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder
    • A pinch of salt


    • In a saucepan over medium heat add your coconut oil until completely melted.
    • Incorporate your previously sifted black cocoa powder and sugar; stir continuously, you need all the ingredients dissolved into a smooth mixture.
    • Add the coconut cream and keep stirring for about 5 minutes. The mixture is going to be thicker and with a glossy appearance.
    • Remove the saucepan from the heat, transfer the mixture to another bowl that is not hot, cover and chill it for 3 – 4 hours or until firm enough to shape it into balls.
    • When firm, take a tbps of the chocolate mixture and shape it into a truffle.
    • Roll the truffle in the Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder and place it in a tray.
    • Repeat with all the mixture and then refrigerate them for at least an hour so they can set.
    • You can also roll them into powdered sugar or chopped nuts.
    • For holidays like Christmas I like to add 2 – 3 tbsp of rum into the saucepan while cooking to give them a stronger taste.



    • 1 cup of Rainforest Black Cocoa Powder
    • 1 avocado
    • ¾ cup of sugar
    • ½ cup of Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder
    • A pinch of salt


    • Place all the ingredients in a blender or food processor. Blend until you get a smooth mixture.
    • Place it in a bowl and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or until firm enough to make balls.
    • When firm, take about a 1 tbps of mixture and shape it into a little truffle.
    • Roll the truffle in the Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder and place it in a tray.
    • Repeat until the mixture is done and then put it into the refrigerator for them to set, around 1 hour.
    • You can also roll them in powdered sugar or chopped nuts. 








    Make Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

    This is the perfect treat for all those chocolate chips cookie dough lovers! How many times did you find yourself eating some of the cookie dough while baking some cookies? Well, now you can actually make the dough as the dessert and forget about all the people that told you to stop eating raw cookie dough because of the eggs.

    To make these truffles extra delicious, the recipe tells you how to easily temper some milk chocolate to cover the cookie dough. You can skip that step but I recommend you to do it because it will give the truffles a crunchy texture to the bite and also they will look just as good as the ones from your local bakery.


    • 1/2 cup of butter
    • 3/4 cup of sugar
    • 1 cup of all purpose flour
    • 3 oz of Organic Dark Chocolate
    • 6 oz of Milk Chocolate Bulk Couverture
    • 2 tbsp of milk
    • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
    • A pinch of salt


    1. In a large bowl, cream together your room temperature butter and sugar. Whisk until you get a smooth mixture.
    2. Add the pinch of salt and the vanilla extract. Keep mixing to combine the ingredients well.
    3. Incorporate the all purpose flour into the bowl. Don't forget to sift it before to avoid big lumps. It is recommended to always sift your dry ingredients.
    4. If you feel the dough is too thick, add the tbsps of milk.
    5. Add your Organic Dark Chocolate chips and stir until you get them even all over the cookie dough.
    6. Place your raw chocolate chip cookie dough in the refrigerator and let it chill for at least 1 hour. This will help to shape the cookie dough into little balls.
    7. While your cookie dough is chilling is time to temper the Belgian Milk Chocolate.
    8. In a double boiler, melt 4 oz of the Milk Chocolate Bulk Couverture. Stir continuously to make sure all the chocolate is completely melted. It is really important to make sure that the water doesn’t touch the pot where the chocolate is. Also, keep the heat low, it will melt slowly but if you rush the melting process, the chocolate can scorch which would ruin the tempering process.
    9. When the chocolate is completely melted, make sure it feels warm, take it off from the heat and place the bowl into another bowl with ice. Stir continuously to cool down the chocolate a bit.
    10. When the chocolate feels thicker, add the remaining 2 oz of Belgian Milk Chocolate Bulk Couverture and stir until all the chocolate is melted.
    11. When your chocolate looks shiny and uniform it is ready to work with it!
    12. Take your chocolate chip cookie dough balls from the refrigerator and dip them into the melted Milk Chocolate.
    13. Place them in a tray to set. Before setting you can add sprinkles or any other topping you would like!