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I think you'll find our Belgian White Chocolate to be the best white chocolate you've ever tried. All of our white chocolates are Grade AA Cocoa Butter based.

White Chocolate Lavender Truffles

White Chocolate Lavender

Floral and herbal flavors work wonderfully with white chocolate. Lavender is a special flavoring that comes through the white chocolate in a delicate way. These white chocolate truffles are perfect for a garden wedding or tea party.

Prepared Ingredients for Truffles:

  • 5 oz cream steeped overnight (24 hours) with a small handful of lavender flowers - tightly sealed in the refrigerator.

Truffle Making Instructions: 
The following day when you pull the cream from the refrigerator, strain and pour into a saucepan. Add 1 Tbsp lavender honey or very clear floral honey (clover works too)

Bring the cream and honey mixture barely to a boil (tiny small bubbles appear on the edge of the sauce pan) - promptly pour over your white chocolate you have set aside.

Wait a few seconds and then stir the mixture to melt the chocolate and get a good emulsion. If it is not completely melted lightly run the bowl over the stove top to warm and facilitate melting of the chocolate. 

Once melted, cool your truffle ganache mixture to room temperature. Then, cover the bowl of melted chocolate and place in the refrigerator for about 4 - 6 hours.

Remove the bowl and spoon out the white chocolate truffle ganache into the palm of your hand and roll into bite sized truffles setting aside on wax or parchment paper. You can also roll the finished truffle balls into finely chopped nuts (hazelnut) or dried fruits (apricot) - even into cocoa powder (our Red Cocoa Powder is a great option).

Store your White Chocolate Lavender Truffles in the refrigerator, tightly sealed. Enjoy up to 2 weeks.