Stevia Chocolate Chips

Stevia Chocolate Chips
Bulk 500lbs

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips with 71% Cocoa Solids

Stevia Chocolate Chips that taste amazing with a mild sweetness from zero calorie stevia plant. This innovative dark chocolate is perfect for those on a sugar restrictive diet who want the full flavor and experience of a traditional tasting chocolate, but without the sugar impact.

  • 71% Cacao Solids 
  • NO Added Sugar
  • Vegan Chocolate
  • Stevia Sweetened (a zero calorie edible safe plant from Paraguay)
  • Gluten Free Chocolate
  • Made with Ethical Trade Cacao
  • No Peanut and No Tree Nut Ingredients

Sugar Free Baking Chocolate

Baking chocolate that's sugar free and also perfect for candy making has not been available until now with this Santa Barbara Chocolate innovation. Through a special blending of premium ingredients and cacao solids, Santa Barbara Chocolate has made a couverture grade, sugar free chocolate that delivers versatility without compromise. Sugar free cookie recipes are the test for a quality baking chocolate that is also without sugar. The test comes in the fresh from the oven flavor. Our sugar free dark chocolate chips are larger size chips so you get more chocolate in every cookie bite. Because the chocolate flavor is clean, nobody can tell the cookies have no added sugar (trick your spouse and kids into eating sugar free chocolate chip cookies). For candy making Santa Barbara Chocolate is significantly more flavorful and most importantly the viscosity (fluidity) of the sugar free chocolate is fluid and easy to temper.


Why Stevia Plant Ingredient in Wholesale Sugar Free Chocolate Chips?

The stevia we use in making our sugar free chocolate chips is premium quality. Stevia Plants are originally from Paraguay South America and have been used in food and medicine for centuries.

Because organic stevia is a plant with no sugar it is often used as a sugar substitute in both keto and paleo diet recipes. 





Stevia Chocolate Chips

~800 pieces per pound

1lb. 2.5 cups approximately



Unsweetened chocolate, erythritol (a sweetener), dietary fiber (inulin), cocoa butter, soy lecithin, stevia glycosides (stevia extract) sweetener, natural vanilla extract.

Country of Origin
Unites States
Allergen Information
Manufactured in a facility that also handles milk and dairy and may contain traces.
Product Characteristics
Count per pound 700 - 900
Chemical Limits Method
Moisture ≤ 2% IOCCC1(1952)
Sucrose ≤ 1.25% IOCCC34(1989)
Total fat content 39.9 - 42.9% IOCCC14(1972)
Physical Limits Method
Viscosity B 40C-S27-20RPM 4,000.0 - 6,000.0 cP Internal Method
Viscosity B 40C-S27-20RPM 54.4 - 81.6 °MM Internal Method
Viscosity 40C-S27-20RPM 16.0 - 24.0 Internal Method
Fineness (micrometer) 15.0 - 25.0 µm Internal Method
Microbiological Limits Method
Total plate count (CC) ≤ 5,000/g ISO4833
Yeasts ≤ 50/g ISO7954
Molds ≤ 50/g ISO7954
Enterobacteriaceae ≤ 10/g ISO21528-2
Coliforms ≤ 10/g ISO4832
E. coli Absent/g ISO16649-2
Salmonella Absent/25 g ISO6579
Recommended Storing Conditions
54 - 68°F; relative humidity ≤ 70%, in odor free atmosphere.
Shelf Life
Best used within 24 months.
Nutritional Information on Average for 3.53 oz (100 g)
Calories 423 kcal Calories from fat 353 kcal
Calories 1,771 kJ    
Total protein 7.6 g Milk protein 0.0 g
Protein (DV) 15.2%    
Total carbohydrates 47.6 g Sugars (mono + disaccharides) 0.5 g
Total carbohydrates (DV) 15.9%  Polyols 14.7 g
    Polydextrose 0.00 g
    Starch 4.2 g
Total fat 41.4 g Saturated fatty acid 24.9 g
Total fat (DV) 63.7% Saturated fatty acid (DV) 124.4%
    Mono unsaturated fatty acid 13.4 g
    Poly unsaturated fatty acid 1.3 g
    Trans fatty acid (TFA) total 0.0 g
    Cholesterol 0.0 mg
    Cholesterol (DV) 0.0%
Organic acids 1.05 g Dietary fiber 24.9 g
    Dietary fiber (DV) 99.6%
Total alkaloids 0.78 g Alcohol 0.03 g
Poly hydroxyphenols 1.94 g Vitamin A - Retinol 17.152 µg
    Vitamin A (DV) 1.1%
    Vitamin A (IU) 57
    Provitamin A - Beta-Caotene 0.000 µg
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin 0.127 mg Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin 0.127 mg
Vitamin B1 (DV) 8.5% Vitamin B2 (DV) 7.5%
Vitamin B3/PP - Niacin/Nicotin 0.948 mg Vitamin B5 - Pantoic Acid 0.508 mg
Vitamin B3 (DV) % Vitamin B5 (DV) 5.1%
Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxin 0.064 mg Vitamin B12 - Cyano-Cobalamine 0.000 µg
Vitamin B6 (DV) 3.2% Vitamin B12 (DV) 0.0%
Vitamin D - Calciferol 1.919 µg Vitamin E - Alpha-Tocopherol 3.403 mg
Vitamin D (DV) 19.2% Vitamin E (DV) 11.3%
Vitamin D (IU) 77 Vitamin E (IU) 5
Vitamin H - Biotin 0.000 mg Vitamin M - Folic Acid 15.864 µg
Vitamin H (DV) 0.0% Vitamin M (DV) 4.0%
Sodium 13.2 mg Vitamin C - L-Asorbic Acid 0.000 mg
Sodium (DV) 0.5% Vitamin C (DV) 0.0%
Phosphorus 237.2 mg Calcium 42.0 mg
Phosphorus (DV) 29.7% Calcium (DV) 4.2%
Iron 17.69 mg Magnesium 149.7 mg
Iron (DV) 98.3% Magnesium (DV) 37.4%
Zinc 2.10 mg Iodine 0.01 µg
Zinc (DV) 14.0% Iodine (DV) 0.0%
Chloride 11.55 mg Potassium 660.5 mg
Ash content 1.78 g Potassium (DV) 18.9%

*Nutrient content information is indicative of composition but not intended as definitive or complete. It is not intended for use in determining specific nutrient labeling values in finished products containing this ingredient as the responsibility for determining label information lies with the finished product manufacturer. Organic matter such as contained in products of this nature is subject to variation in nutritional composition. We disclaim any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability. Our responsibility for claims arising from breach of warranty, negligence or any other cause shall not include consequential, special or incidental damages, even if we have been made aware of the possibility of such damages, and is limited to the purchase price of the product. None of the statements made herein shall be construed as a grant, either express or implied, of any license under any patent held by Santa Barbara Chocolate or other parties. 

- Sugar alcohols in 100 grams >> As per TDS: Polyols 14.7g/100g
- Grams of erythritol in 100 grams >> 15.0g /100g (rounded value with production tolerances)


Sugar Free Chocolate Chips are Dark Chocolate with 71% cacao solids. Ethical trade and Grade AA cacao results in extra fine quality no added sugar chocolate.

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