Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Published by chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Chocolate bar wrappers speak a lot of a country's culture and how they view chocolate.  A small canvas in which beautiful artwork is presented, the wrapper is the hook to entice the buyer to try. Usually wrappers tell a story of what is inside or how the chocolate and company perceives itself and the value of the chocolate offering.  

There are chocolate bar wrapper museums you can find online and the wrappers themselves are valued because of the unique artwork. In fact, chocolate and candy wrappers are traded or sold on Ebay just like baseball cards as collectible art pieces.

I received a really nice gift from one of our chocolate agents in Russia. The wrappers on the Russian chocolate bars are charming and the chocolate inside is gourmet quality. 

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