Offbeat things to do with Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Offbeat Things to do with Chocolate

Chocolate has been around for a long, long time and there are so many different uses for the sweet treat. We all know the pleasure of snuggling up with a box of Santa Barbara chocolates and a glass of wine (try this homemade raspberry wine recipe - it's worth it!). We all know the delight of biting into a decadent chocolate cheesecake, or chewing a soft chocolate cookie. But chocolate is so much more, this tiny bean has come a very long way and is now one of the most revered tastes in the entire universe. Yes chocolate has changed our lives. However there may be some fabulous, weird and wonderful things about chocolate that you didn’t know. Take a look at these offbeat things to do with chocolate and change your perception today.

Chocolate to Soften your Skin

If you happen to miss your mouth and smear chocolate on your hands and face, worry not! Chocolate is actually marvelous for keeping the skin smooth, soft and supple. Cocoa butter has been used for years as a skin product and holds many healing properties. The delicious and rich cocoa butter will not only make your skin feel great but will leave you scented in a delicious and truly edible aroma.

Chocolate to Complement Cheese

Now I know you may be thinking that even the bravest eater has their limits and chocolate and cheese sounds a little ambiguous, but chocolate and cheese actually complement each other perfectly! Choose brilliant white soft stilton and swirl in a touch of melted Santa Barbara Belgian chocolate for a taste that is literally out of this world!

Chocolate to Make Candles

If you simply cannot get enough of the sweet and cloying scent of chocolate then you can create a candle that will leave your room smelling divine all day long. Making a chocolate candle is not only fun but easy and will bring your chocolate addiction to a whole new level.

Chocolate to Add to Alcohol

For those who love to end the day with a good drink there are ways you can make your drink of choice taste even better! Why not make delicious chocolate vodka or dreamy chocolate liquor? Adding chocolate to alcohol combines the love of all things sweet with the distinct flavors of fine liquor!