King of the Belgians White Chocolate Couverture

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King of the Belgians White Chocolate Couverture - professional quality Belgian white chocolate recipe made in America.

  • BULK WHITE CHOCOLATE - Belgian quality recipe

Here's the real difference between us and the other chocolate suppliers of bulk white chocolate. Madagascar vanilla bean extract mixed with fresh milk strike a balance of sweetness with pure cocoa butter. Once you experience the best white chocolate you'll know why this is the one for you. Shop online and buy in bulk at wholesale prices with confidence knowing you are getting the real deal in professional chocolate. 

Take your recipes to the next level with our King of the Belgians white chocolate. We have crafted this chocolate using traditional chocolate making techniques. Experience the superior quality that will impress all chocolate aficionados.  

Bulk White Chocolate Chips - Easy to Temper, Easy to use, Professional Grade

Santa Barbara Chocolate wholesale bulk white chocolate is based on pure prime pressed cocoa butter, the best in the industry. We think you'll find our chocolates to be fresh and light with a smooth even melt. Easy to use viscosity, consistent quality and great value are three of the reasons why pastry chefs and professional chocolatiers choose Santa Barbara Chocolate for wholesale supply. We hope to become your partner in building your business and chocolate success.

White chocolate, when it is of high quality, is one of the most enjoyable chocolate types. Use it as a base for flavoring to showcase a color or taste profile. In our fruit chocolate truffles for example, we will reduce a mix of fresh berries to create a berry compote. We mix this fresh berry compote with our Belgian white chocolate all melted and mixed well (you just made a white chocolate ganache). We stabilize this berry ganache with honey and then allow it to set (use about 10% by ganache weight). You'll have a brightly colored berry ganache with big flavor. We pipe this ganache once it sets into dark chocolate shells (I like to use a bitter dark 72% to mould the chocolate shells). The result is a perfect balance of berry flavor with dark chocolate. When you bite into the truffle you'll see the beautiful fresh berry color with intense berry smell. Think of white chocolate as the base which can carry your exquisite flavor choice. This is the level of professional candy making and chocolate dessert creation we hope to help you achieve.

King of the Belgians White Chocolate Couverture Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract.

Made in the USA using a traditional Belgian chocolate recipe with Belgian chocolate making machines. 100% sustainably sourced cacao butter and sugar.

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This is the King of the Belgian White Chocolate if you want real gourmet quality. Made to our specifications using the best artisan creamery ingredients, our White chocolate couverture is easy to melt and use in chocolate making or pastry. Customers tell us all the time they can't stop eating the chocolate right from the package.

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