Cacao Fruit Chocolate Bars - Pack of 4 Bars

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Cacao Fruit Chocolate Bar is sweetened entirely by the cacao pod itself. Be ready... prepare yourself for the tangy tropical fruit flavor notes that launch into a unique chocolate journey through the rainforest.


Shape: Chocolate Bar

Weight: 3 oz (84 gr)

Type: Dark Chocolate with 72% cocoa

Flavor: Cacao Fruit - fresh and lively

72% Dark Chocolate Bar:

This is a chocolate making first by using the cacao fruit as the only ingredient to craft chocolate. This new type of chocolate captures the chocolatey and tangy taste of fresh cacao fruit right from the tree.

Ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate and dry cacao fruit juice concentrate.

4 Bar pack - Each bar weighs 3 oz (84 g).

Chocolate flavor is influenced by many factors like the cacao variety, cacao harvesting techniques and most significantly the production process, including what type of chocolate machinery is used to grind the chocolate. Finally, the ingredients that are added to chocolate like coconut sugar or vanilla will also affect flavor.

The Cacao Fruit Chocolate by Santa Barbara Chocolate is made to offer you a pure chocolate textural and tasting experience with a smooth melt while also being as close as possible to the tropical cacao fruit flavor, just as if you picked it fresh from the tree.

This unique chocolate is a dark chocolate, tropical and tart - the result of using the entire cocoa pod including the fruit pulp. Having been made from the entire cacao fruit, rather than the fermented and dried cacao beans used in traditional chocolate making, this chocolate does not taste like what you might be expecting. Complex and bright, you'll experience the rainforest in a fresh new way.


Additional Information

Fresh Arriba Fine Ecuadorian cacao fruit has a complex combination of tropical flavors, including: passion fruit, red berries, citrus, nuts, molasses and a variety of flowers.

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Cacao Fruit Chocolate Bars


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