Cacao Fruit Chocolate | Dark Chocolate 72% Discs

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Cacao Fruit Chocolate: Dark Chocolate 72% Discs sweetened by cacao fruit juice.


Cacao Fruit Chocolate: Dark Chocolate 72% Discs

It is truly a breakthrough in chocolate technology, deriving sweetness entirely from the Cacao Pod itself. With only 2 ingredients: Unsweetened Chocolate & Cacao Fruit Juice Concentrate, you’ll experience the sweet and tangy, tropical flavors of Cacao Chocolate.

Cacao fruit chocolate is a professional grade chocolate with 72% cocoa solids. No added soy or emulsifiers.

FDA nomenclature is listed as a semisweet chocolate coating.

Whole cacao chocolate handling tips:

  • Melt below 104F when working with whole fruit chocolate because of its delicate and raw, fresh fruit nature.

  • If you want to temper whole fruit chocolate, melt it below 104F, crystallize at 81F, work at 88F, and cool at 68F.

  • Store tightly sealed to protect from humidity (relative humidity should be 50% or less). Cacao fruit chocolate absorbs moisture quickly and can develop a thick viscosity.

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Cacao Fruit Chocolate sweetened by whole cacao fruit - no added cane sugar.

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