Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips



Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips, pure with no added fillers like shea butter, milk, casein or sugar.  Santa Barbara Chocolate pure cocoa butter is 100% cacao fruit product.

1 Ingredient Cocoa Butter Chips - Ingredients: 100% fresh pressed cocoa butter.

What is Cocoa Butter? Pure cocoa butter is made from the natural fat pressed from cocoa beans. It is considered 100% cocoa solids, vegan, natural and a great tasting edible ingredient you can use in chocolate making and cooking.  Santa Barbara Chocolate cocoa butter comes from ripe cocoa beans pressed during cocoa powder production.  Tempered and deposited as small chips, our cocoa butter is great for eating straight, measuring into baking recipes, healthy cooking and as a natural cocoa butter lotion good for stretch marks and cosmetic uses. 

Cocoa Butter Ingredients are simply fresh pressed Cocoa Butter - no added fillers, sugar free and vegan.



As a bulk chocolate supplier to chocolatiers and manufacturers we are trusted to sell the best cocoa and chocolates. You'll find our edible cocoa butter is top quality pressed from only deshelled cocoa beans. This is why you can trust our pure cocoa butter for neonatal care and sensitive skin uses.

Shea Butter vs Cocoa Butter: Shea butter comes from a scrubby brush widely grown in arid regions of Africa and is used in the industrial cosmetics industry. Shea butter can be extracted through a hexane chemical process. Cocoa butter comes from the rare and highly valued cacao fruit tree that grows in the rainforest. Cocoa butter is edible, melts at 98F and has a very pleasant flavor. Cocoa butter is a high quality fat that is used in the best cosmetics. The most expensive and finest skin care products will use cocoa butter because it is safe and edible, is a high quality moisturizer and generally will not cause skin irritation.

Choose safety and quality - use pure cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is one of the most versatile of all chocolate derived ingredients. Please read this to understand more about cocoa butter:

To make cocoa butter white chocolate truffles (you can try variations and use vegan milk options like Almond or Hemp).

Cocoa Butter Truffles Ingredients (white chocolate truffles)

16 oz cocoa butter
5 oz sweetened condensed milk
1 oz honey
chopped nuts
Melt all ingredients together over low heat and stir until smooth, pour into a bowl and give it a few hours to set up. Scoop into balls and roll in nuts = white chocolate truffles. *Sweetened condensed milk is most shelf stable but you can also use cream or vegan milk for low sugar healthy versions or combinations thereof (boil cream first before mixing for sanitation reasons and to reduce the water content). 
*Cocoa butter can be used in place of coconut oil or butter in all recipes. It is much more healthy than butter because of the high antioxidant value it offers. Cocoa butter is a better choice for skin care because your skin will absorb the cocoa butter antioxidants topically.



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Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips sold in bulk. This is pure cocoa butter with no added fillers like shea butter or casein.

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