Milk Chocolate Couverture



Milk Chocolate Couverture is a high quality chocolate made with extra cocoa butter and this is why it is the best milk chocolate for eating and melting.

Chocolate is a complex food with intricacies not normally seen in other types of confectionery. Milk chocolate is one of the most complex of all chocolate types to make because of the subtle nuances of the ingredient flavors can be lost when combined. The Santa Barbara Chocolate brand of milk chocolate couverture is made using state of the art technology to form very stable Beta Prime Crystals in the pure cocoa butter we use as a base. The Beta Prime Crystal technology combined with exotic cacao and premium milk results in the world's best milk chocolate.

The best milk chocolate needs the most advanced chocolate shape to exalt the unique nature.  As a result, we have chosen the milk chocolate to be shaped as a Tab. This unique Tab shape is special because we have applied all the science of chocolate making to craft this never before seen milk chocolate recipe. 

Chocolate Science: The special Tab shape releases flavor through melting in a very a particular way. Better than chocolate chips, Tabs enhances one's chocolate tasting experience.  The cocoa bean varieties used in this couverture offer an exotic tasting journey from beginning to end with clear defined points of flavor along the melting path. Tabs complement this tasting journey. They are also easy to grab and eat or to use as inclusions in trail mix, cookies and ice cream. The special varietal cocoa butter used in this unique Santa Barbara Chocolate couverture offers a memorable tasting connection to the original raw cocoa seed itself; as a result, the flavor conjures up tropical rainforests and pristine trees in one's mind's eye.

The Santa Barbara brand is arguably the best milk chocolate a chocolatier will use: Fast to Temper Chocolate due to the Beta Prime Crystal Technology, Melting Chocolate Perfection and High Quality Chocolate Flavor.

Hidden deep in the rainforest is a rare cacao type considered an exotic flavored cacao. It is an original cacao grown and wild harvested. The Santa Barbara Chocolate Milk Chocolate Couverture is made from this exotic pure cacao. Grown at isolated farms in the rainforest, this chocolate makes it to market through a co-operative that audits all aspects of cacao growing. The co-operative ensures fair market and sustainable local development for the family farmers growing this cocoa and invests back into the local area to ensure a long term sustainable future. 

  • Milk Chocolate Couverture
  • Sold in Bulk Chocolate Quantity to Offer You Value
  • Kosher Certified Chocolate
  • GMO Free Chocolate
  • Single Origin Cacao
  • Ethical Trade Chocolate
  • Sustainable Chocolate

Tasting Profile: Bold milk experience, delicate caramel like sweetness with exotic organic cocoa that is mildly acidic and floral, reminiscent of chamomile.  

GMO Free Milk Chocolate couverture made from exotic cacao and sold in bulk chocolate cases for the best value.

Why is Real Chocolate Better than Compound Chocolate?

Compound chocolate, also known as confectioner's coating or dipping chocolate doesn't require tempering because it is made with a palm oil in place of cocoa butter.  Cocoa butter is in all real chocolate and this is the natural vegetable fat from the cocoa bean. Chocolates with cocoa butter require tempering when melted and reformed to allow them to look shiny and have a nice snap. Compound chocolates on the other hand have the cocoa butter replaced with a palm fat so you melt and work with no need to temper. The downside is compound chocolate doesn't taste as good as real chocolate with cocoa butter.

Learn more about chocolate tempering.

Real Chocolate is Healthy and Better when compared to Compound Chocolate


We use real cocoa butter in all of our chocolates. Made from exceptional quality Grade AA cocoa butter and the best milk, our Milk chocolate is unsurpassed in flavor and quality paying tribute to the taste of the rainforest and its rich chocolate heritage.


Pure Cocoa butter (the type found as an ingredient in our milk chocolate) contains antioxidants and offers healthy fatty acids such as stearic acid and palmitic acid.






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Milk Chocolate Couverture Tabs by Santa Barbara Chocolate are the best tasting and easiest to melt chocolate available. Easy to temper our new chocolate shape introduces many options. The Tabs simply taste better. Use them as inclusions in granola cereal or ice cream. They work like chocolate chunks in cookies and brownies. Milk chocolate couverture has an extra amount of cocoa butter.

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