Vegan Chocolate

Is The Dark Chocolate Vegan?

Many Santa Barbara Dark Chocolates are vegan friendly and gluten free.

Vegan chocolates are made from ingredients that are audited. Vegan certification is by an independent third party auditor who looks at the ingredients in the chocolate making process.

Discover Vegan Chocolate That Fits Your Budget and Lifestyle

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is not about punishing yourself - so why eliminate one of the best treats a person can have? Chocolate. 

Eating an animal-free diet is a choice you make. Buying organic products might be another choice you make. Picking responsibly sourced, vegan chocolate that is organic is another choice you can make. And you can find it all at affordable costs that won’t break your budget or force you to compromise your values or lifestyle.  
In a world that increasingly values how food is processed and where it comes from, Santa Barbara Chocolate keeps every step of the process transparent. Our high quality ingredients like Fair Trade Certified and USDA Certified Organic chocolates are our expertise. We’ve spent a lot of time creating alliances with like-minded businesses to bring you products you’ll be proud to incorporate into your life. Remember, not all vegan products are created equal, so make sure you choose a product that aligns with the values you consider the most important.

  • Cacao Paste Chocolate Wafers for easy eating. This is pure ground cacao made into a no sugar chocolate single ingredient chocolate.

    Cacao Paste | Cacao Mass

  • Pure Cocoa Butter in chip shape for easy cooking and eating.

    Cocoa Butter Chips

  • Dairy Free Chocolate that is plant base. Tastes like a milk chocolate. Certified vegan and Kosher Parve.

    Dairy Free Chocolate | Milk Chocolate Substitute

  • Santa Barbara Chocolate Bulk Cocoa Powder has a teak color and rich flavor. Certified USDA Organic Cocoa Powder is a baking cocoa which mixes easily in liquid and offers a low acid, fudge flavor with no fruit nuances. This is the organic cocoa powder for making classic brownie and chocolate fudge. Very high quality cocoa due to the selection of raw cacao beans and proper winnowing to ensure low ash and husk content. Wholesale Bulk Cocoa Powder Supplier.  Buy the best cocoa powder at the lowest prices.

    Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder USDA Organic

  • Hot Chocolate serving suggestion shown. Organic and GMO Free cacao powder is easy to mix with milk or water. Make it frothy and delicious like the original European drinking chocolates. No soy or fillers like most hot cocoa mix.

    Unsweetened Raw Organic Cocoa

  • Organic 100 Chocolate. 100% Dark Unsweetened Chocolate is a pure chocolate. Organic and from the rainforest, a treat like no other, this is the real taste of the most delicate and complex flavored 100 chocolate available. Perfect for eating and great for those wanting to have the maximum amount of cacao in each bite.

    100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate

  • Sugar free chocolate chips taste like regular chocolate but with zero added sugar in the recipe. Try sugar free chocolate making and sugar free baking. GMO free chocolate and vegan.

    Stevia Chocolate Chips

  • Pure dark chocolate with no sugar added. Our specialty chocolate shape allows one to savor the tasting experience of the most intense cocoa solids available in a chocolate. Eating these chocolate chips evolves into a pleasant journey, unfolding exotic flavors unique to the best cacao in the world.

    Cacao Chocolate | Chocolate Liquor

  • Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture with 72% cocoa solids are the best chocolate coins available.  Made with premium cocoa and organic certified so you can trust the quality of our chocolates. California Chocolate made in the USA this gourmet Organic Dark Chocolate 72% Couverture is a professional chocolate, exceptional flavor and outstandingly smooth melt. The best value for certified organic top quality couverture. This is gourmet chocolate. Only 3 ingredients too. Soy free chocolate, no added vanilla - - this is real chocolate.

    Bulk Organic Dark Chocolate 72% without Soy Lecithin

  • Organic chocolate chips naturally sweetened with coco sugar instead of regular cane sugar. This coco sugar is sometimes tolerated better by diabetics. As a result, we call this a Paleo Chocolate.  Paleo Chocolate and organic chocolate is what we all want.  This raw chocolate has no added soy and is sweetened with coconut blossom sugar in place of sugar cane. We are told by fitness enthusiasts this sweetener is a better choice than sugar because it is considered low glycemic. It can be a smart chocolate choice for diabetics seeking an alternative to sugar free chocolate, but please watch portion control.

    Organic Dark Chocolate | Coconut Palm Sugar Sweetened

  • Mini Dark Chocolate Chips by Santa Barbara Chocolate are one of the best chocolate baking options in the world. The cacao is tenderly cultivated by cocoa farmers who care. You'll notice the quality and flavor of this prized cacao.

    Mini Chocolate Chips

  • Dark Chocolate Couverture made into the shape of small flat wafers for easy eating. They are the perfect size for melting chocolate in a double boiler. Rainforest Cacao is the secret to the gourmet chocolate tasting experience.

    Couverture Chocolate

  • Vegan Belgian Dark Chocolate is excellent for all bulk wholesale chocolate uses. Our most popular European chocolate for truffle making and chocolate bar production. In the shape of Belgian chocolate morsels called callets. Dark chocolate flavor but still smooth and rich with an even melt.

    Vegan Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture King of the Belgians

  • Bittersweet Chocolate: USDA Organic Chocolate is made from exotic Rainforest cocoa beans.  A top quality fine flavor aroma chocolate couverture this chocolate will make you look like a professional every time. It is glossy and easy to use. Always tastes great and works in every recipe.  You could easily call it the best dark chocolate for candy making.

    Bittersweet Melting Chocolate Wafers | USDA Organic | 75% Cacao

  • Chocolate Discs are easy to temper and use as your main chocolate couverture in all recipes regardless of baking or moulding requirements.  Fluid when melted and wonderful to eat straight from the bag.  This is the real chocolatier's chocolate.
Semisweet Chocolate  shown stacked and enlarged to show shape and as serving suggestion.

    Semisweet Dark Chocolate Wafers

  • Mexican style chocolate for the best hot chocolate. sweet with a strong fruit and vanilla chocolate flavor.

    Mexican Chocolate - Organic Disks

  • Cacao nibs are crushed cocoa beans. Cacao nibs and cocoa nibs are the same product. Both names are synonyms. Santa Barbara Chocolate cacao nibs are fragrant and full flavor. Crunchy with a nutty, cocoa flavor, nibs are an easy way to get cocoa antioxidants in your diet.

    Cacao Nibs | Cocoa Nibs

  • Rainforest Red Vegan Cocoa Powder

    Vegan Cocoa

  • Cacao Butter is the main base ingredient of white chocolate. Cacao Butter is the pressed fat from cocoa beans. It is technically 100% cocoa solids without the brown fiber part, this is why it is a pale yellow white color. Cacao Butter is the same as cocoa butter. The Santa Barbara Chocolate version is vegan, GMO free and with a subtle flavor. Cacao Butter by Santa Barbara Chocolate is sold in a large block and made from 100% cacao fruit with no added fillers. Pure cocoa butter is edible and prized for the quality flavor and versatility in cooking recipes. Cocoa butter vs shea butter is a decision where cocoa butter is the smart choice because of moisturizing effects and how it is seen as being good for stretch marks.

    Raw Cacao Butter