Vegan Chocolate

Is The Dark Chocolate Vegan?

Most Santa Barbara Dark Chocolates are vegan friendly and gluten free. This category showcases our vegan chocolates that are also gluten free.

Vegan chocolates are made from ingredients that do not contain animal product. We have vegan certification for our chocolates that meet the criteria set forth by an independent third party auditor.

Discover Vegan Chocolate That Fits Your Budget and Lifestyle

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is not about punishing yourself - so why eliminate one of the best treats a person can have? Chocolate. 

Eating an animal-free diet is a choice you make. Buying organic products might be another choice you make. Picking responsibly sourced, vegan chocolate that is organic is another choice you can make. And you can find it all at affordable costs that won’t break your budget or force you to compromise your values or lifestyle.  
In a world that increasingly values how food is processed and where it comes from, Santa Barbara Chocolate keeps every step of the process transparent. Our high quality ingredients like Fair Trade Certified and USDA Certified Organic chocolates are our expertise. We’ve spent a lot of time creating alliances with like-minded businesses to bring you products you’ll be proud to incorporate into your life. Remember, not all vegan products are created equal, so make sure you choose a product that aligns with the values you consider the most important.