Organic Pure Cacao Chocolate & Cocoa

Organic Baking Chocolate - Chocolate Lover's Professional Choice

It’s called raw chocolate because of the robust taste. Under the FDA definition it is known as chocolate liquor, though it's non-alcoholic. The home baker's term is unsweetened baking chocolate. We call it Unsweetened Chocolate Pure Cacao because this is the most descriptive.

Santa Barbara Chocolate's no sugar added baking chocolate has become a favorite among sugar aware people and athletes seeking authentic pure cacao. 

Use our bulk 100% cacao organic unsweetened chocolate in recipes calling for baking chocolate or melt with your own sweetener to create fun custom chocolates. You have found the bulk dark chocolate supplier.

100% Pure Cacao Ingredients

Grade AA cacao ingredients are sourced with a keen social awareness of ethical trade. Our organic chocolates have passed stringent requirements, guaranteeing you the superb quality and true taste of genuine Rainforest Chocolate, while sustaining the forest and livelihood of the amazing people who live there. Savor the real flavor of 100% chocolate.

  • Pure Cocoa Butter for cooking and eating.

    Cacao Butter

  • Cacao Paste Chocolate Wafers for easy eating. This is pure ground cacao made into a no sugar chocolate single ingredient chocolate.

    Cocoa Mass

  • Santa Barbara Chocolate Bulk Cocoa Powder has a teak color and rich flavor. Certified USDA Organic Cocoa Powder is a baking cocoa which mixes easily in liquid and offers a low acid, fudge flavor with no fruit nuances. This is the organic cocoa powder for making classic brownie and chocolate fudge. Very high quality cocoa due to the selection of raw cacao beans and proper winnowing to ensure low ash and husk content. Wholesale Bulk Cocoa Powder Supplier.  Buy the best cocoa powder at the lowest prices.

    Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder USDA Organic

  • Raw cacao beans fresh from the cocoa pod are crunchy delightful chocolatey morsels of superfood goodness.

    Raw Cacao Beans

  • Hot Chocolate serving suggestion shown. Organic and GMO Free raw cacao powder is easy to mix with milk or water. Make it frothy and delicious like the original European drinking chocolates. No soy or fillers like most hot cocoa mix.

    Unsweetened Raw Organic Cocoa

  • Organic 100 Chocolate. 100% Dark Unsweetened Chocolate is a pure chocolate. Organic and from the rainforest, a treat like no other, this is the real taste of the most delicate and complex flavored 100 chocolate available. Perfect for eating and great for those wanting to have the maximum amount of cacao in each bite.

    100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate

  • Pure dark chocolate with no sugar added. Our specialty chocolate shape allows one to savor the tasting experience of the most intense cocoa solids available in a chocolate. Eating these chocolate chips evolves into a pleasant journey, unfolding exotic flavors unique to the best cacao in the world.

    Cacao Chocolate | Chocolate Liquor

  • Cacao nibs are crushed cocoa beans. Cacao nibs and cocoa nibs are the same product. Both names are synonyms. Santa Barbara Chocolate cacao nibs are fragrant and full flavor. Crunchy with a nutty, cocoa flavor, nibs are an easy way to get cocoa antioxidants in your diet.

    Cacao Nibs | Cocoa Nibs

  • Black Cocoa Powder by Santa Barbara Chocolate is low fat and alkalized using the dutch process. The result of special handling or cocoa beans is a very dark color and mild flavor. Perfect in bakery recipes that call for a black appearance like the black crust of mud pie or the famous mint grasshopper pie black crust. This is the type of cocoa used in black sandwich cookies.

    Black Cocoa Powder

  • Rainforest Red Vegan Cocoa Powder.

    Vegan Cocoa

  • Cacao Butter is the main base ingredient of white chocolate. Cacao Butter is the pressed fat from cocoa beans. It is technically 100% cocoa solids without the brown fiber part, this is why it is a pale yellow white color. Cacao Butter is the same as cocoa butter. The Santa Barbara Chocolate version is vegan, GMO free and with a subtle flavor. Cacao Butter by Santa Barbara Chocolate is sold in a large block and made from 100% cacao fruit with no added fillers. Pure cocoa butter is edible and prized for the quality flavor and versatility in cooking recipes. Cocoa butter vs shea butter is a decision where cocoa butter is the smart choice because of moisturizing effects and how it is seen as being good for stretch marks.

    Cacao Butter Block