100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate



100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate 

Experience exotic cacao grown deep in the headlands of the mighty Amazon. This is 100% Chocolate made from Pure Cacao. Sugar Free Chocolate with no added sweeteners this is Diabetic Chocolate for those wanting Pure Chocolate Health.


100% Pure cacao organic dark chocolate ingredients: Organic unsweetened chocolate.

Simply pure ground cacao to a smooth texture and then formed into chocolate discs - unsweetened chocolate 100% cocoa solids. This is the flavor of 100 dark chocolate: strong robust and bitter with the subtle nuances of exotic organic cacao.

Bulk organic 100% cacao chocolate has unsurpassed flavor and is perfect for all organic baking chocolate recipes. If you are going to take the time to craft a homemade chocolate truffle or baked good you will want your time to pay off with the finest possible result. This pure 100% cacao gives you the real organic cacao experience in a raw flavor. You should experience the taste of wild cacao.



The real taste of pure raw cacao is very apparent when eating 100% cocoa solids because there is nothing else added to the chocolate (no sugar, no vanilla, no milk, no extra cocoa butter). This is the real test of quality. Notice the floral nuances with dark earthy flavors and a slight wet cacao taste tempered with a smooth even melt.  We know the source of the cacao and the orchards and feel confident in the quality and safety.  The farmers tending the cacao trees are paid a living wage and they really enjoy what they do.  The farmer co-ops carefully regulate all aspects of the cacao watching that everyone involved is following good hygiene and care of the organic cacao, including sustainability.  The result is an organic chocolate you'll feel good about. 

Unsweetened Chocolate Means It tastes Bitter, it also means this is a Sugar Free Chocolate with no added sweeteners or artificial ingredients. 

Organic Dark Chocolate Ingredients: Organic unsweetened chocolate (COCOA BEANS GROUND UP)


Please read our reviews so you can learn more about our quality chocolate.

We use Ethical Trade and Fair Trade Cacao. UTZ and Rainforest Alliance is a collaboration of independent audit organizations that reviews cacao and fair chocolate practices.


The 100% chocolate is minimally processed at the lowest possible temperatures allowed.  You'll discover the unsweetened chocolate still has some small cocoa bean pieces in it.  This is because we try to keep the pure chocolate as close to the cocoa bean as possible while still fitting the definition of chocolate and not something like raw cocoa beans. This is the secret behind our pure chocolate 100% and this is why so many people love it.

The Differences in Flavor of Pure Chocolate Types is dependent on cacao variety

The differences in the cacao origin will result in flavor and viscosity differences. We have combined our two finest selling cacao chocolate types into one superfood variety. We have combined the finest selling chocolates below to make our highest rated 100% pure.

100 Pure Dark Chocolate: Organic cacao ground into a pure chocolate. The chocolate is earthy, slight fruit with pronounce bitterness giving way to floral and lingering cocoa notes.  The cacao is slightly lower fat so when melted it is a medium viscosity. The cacao is classified as Cuchillo Criollo. 

100 Dark Chocolate Rainforest dark: North Hispaniola from a micro climate area.  The chocolate is slightly more mild with hints of fudge and red berry notes giving way to pronounce cocoa and finishing with a clean melt. The cacao is a type of Trinitario with a higher fat content by 2% approximately so it is more fluid when melted.  

Tasting Pure Cacao Chocolate

Please keep in mind Pure Chocolate is a lot like coffee where it doesn't have it's own natural sweetness.  Most everyone likes coffee with some type of addition like milk or sugar, but a few love it dark and black. This same preference for dark and black goes for pure chocolate. The bitterness of pure cacao chocolate is the taste of 100% cacao essence with the cacao health benefits discovered in chocolate. If you have nutritional needs or seek a specific amount of pure cacao chocolate in your diet for a particular health reason, please speak with your doctor to get the proper medical direction.  As a side note, our professional sports team customers (NBA, NHL, MBA and NFL) generally have their players eat around 1.5 ounces of 100% dark chocolate a day. This roughly translates to 40 chocolate pieces. The team nutritionists like to have the players enjoy chocolate in recipes consumed throughout the day, very often mixed into smoothies like this recipe:


Santa Barbara Chocolate Unsweetened Chocolate Cacao Medallions recipes:

100 Dark Chocolate Fondue: 8 oz. 100% cacao chocolate + 4 oz. milk or dairy free rice milk + pinch of cinnamon.Mix and heat at medium temperature, stirring constantly. Dip your favorite fruit or nuts.

100 Dark Chocolate Truffle Ganache Vegan Friendly: 8 oz. 100% cacao chocolate + 4 oz. coconut cream + 1 tbsp. agave syrup. Mix and heat at medium temperature, stirring constantly, Once mixed well refrigerate to set. Once set use a spoon to scoop and ball ganache into truffles. Roll them in chopped nuts or our Red Cocoa Powder.

You can also use our Cacao Chocolate as a substitute for any baking chocolate baking recipe. Use a 1:1 ratio by weight for the recipe.

How many medallions are in 1 ounce of the 100% dark chocolate? These coins vary so the numbers below are approximate.

16oz x 22lb = 352 ounces = 352 (1 ounce servings)
1.5 grams per coin = 18.6 coins per 1 ounce serving
18.6 coins per 1 oz x 352 ounces total = 6,571 coins per 22lb box

Santa Barbara Chocolatiers use the 100 Dark Chocolate as a base in making all of our couverture chocolates.  By adding in sugar you create chocolate percentage types.  For example, if you add 30% sugar to 100 dark chocolate you then have made a 70 couverture chocolate.

How to replace cocoa powder with Unsweetened chocolate: 3 TBSP cocoa powder is equal to a substitution of 1 ounce of pure cacao chocolate.


The Santa Barbara Chocolate Brand of unsweetened chocolate is also a sugar free chocolate. It is not a low calorie food because it is chocolate and calories are not reduced, but it is a sugar free chocolate which means it is a diabetic chocolate. The advantages from a diabetic chocolate perspective is that our pure ground cacao chocolate has no artificial sweeteners that can cause stomach upset. We don't use solvents to extract any fake sweetener to add in, that's why we call this a pure chocolate. It is also an organic chocolate which is seen as a high antioxidant chocolate by health experts.

To understand the real meaning of what a sugar free chocolate is, we recommend knowing how sugar free chocolate is defined. Here is what the FDA says on sugar free chocolate: 

c) Sugar content claims --(1) Use of terms such as "sugar free," "free of sugar," "no sugar," "zero sugar," "without sugar," "sugarless," "trivial source of sugar," "negligible source of sugar," or "dietarily insignificant source of sugar." Consumers may reasonably be expected to regard terms that represent that the food contains no sugars or sweeteners e.g., "sugar free," or "no sugar," as indicating a product which is low in calories or significantly reduced in calories. Consequently, except as provided in paragraph (c)(2) of this section, a food may not be labeled with such terms unless:

(i) The food contains less than 0.5 g of sugars, as defined in 101.9(c)(6)(ii), per reference amount customarily consumed and per labeled serving or, in the case of a meal product or main dish product, less than 0.5 g of sugars per labeled serving; and

(ii) The food contains no ingredient that is a sugar or that is generally understood by consumers to contain sugars unless the listing of the ingredient in the ingredient statement is followed by an asterisk that refers to the statement below the list of ingredients, which states "adds a trivial amount of sugar," "adds a negligible amount of sugar," or "adds a dietarily insignificant amount of sugar;"

The source information can be found on the FDA website regarding sugar free foods: FDA defines sugar free chocolate Once you read the complete definition and rules, you can see this is the smart choice for anyone seeking diabetic chocolate. Here is our specification sheet for the bulk serving size we offer: Serving size Information Bulk Unsweetened Chocolate

Our sugar free chocolate is diabetic safe but it not a low calorie food. When we did a small research study with diabetics we found the fiber content and fat content along with the fact there is no added sugar made this unsweetened chocolate very easy to eat with no concern regarding insulin spikes. This is also the reason why paleo diet health followers love our 100% chocolate. This is Chocolate Health.

Average Antioxidant Value: 213 mg Antioxidants per 1/4 ounce of Santa Barbara brand of Unsweetened Chocolate. Most research suggests 200 mg per day of antioxidants is soothing for heart health.

Unsweetened Hot Chocolate - Make your own perfect antioxidant drink from this chocolate!

Recipe Directions (3408 mg of Cacao Antioxidants): 

California style hot cocoaWhisk 4 ounces Pure Chocolate with 12 ounces of hot almond milk and 1 Tablespoon honey - make it smooth and thick. This gourmet drinking chocolate is unsweetened and made from extra dark cacao. Unsweetened Hot Chocolate will have a red hue when frothed due to the cocoa bean type.

The pure experience of Drinking Chocolate made from your own Pure Cacao Chocolate.

  • Serve Hot or Cold - Easy to make and whisk it up.
  • No added soy or artificial flavors or sweeteners.
  • Unsweetened 100% Chocolate to get your antioxidant value.
  • Sweeten with honey, sugar, stevia or agave to taste
  • Thick, rich and deep chocolate flavor



Making your own healthy hot chocolate to enjoy before bed seems to turn a sleepless night into a restful and fun dream filled night.



Unsweetened Chocolate is better than Unsweetened Dark Cocoa Powder 

Dark cocoa powders do not have the depth of flavor or versatility found in a pure chocolate like this one. Organic dark cocoa powder can't be eaten right from the bag and enjoyed like this chocolate. Both are unsweetened and have antioxidants but this option is smarter and easier to eat. Keep in mind our chocolate is made from fresh, ripe cacao. Typically dark cocoa powders are ground from the less desirable cacao beans, the ones not as ripe or handled as well. Chocolate like this requires the finest cacao available.

Looking at the Pure Chocolate tells the story

Typically the lighter the color of the cocoa chocolate the flavor will be more acidic, fruity and with low fudge notes. Medium brown cocoa chocolates will tend to have some fruit note but the fudge flavor becomes more pronounced. With red cocoas the fudge flavor becomes less pronounced and the fruit flavor tends to give way to subtle floral hints.  So very dark Black cocoa chocolate offers the most robust experience characteristically earthy with heavy fudge like flavor. The color and smell are the most intense aspects and as a result this unsweetened chocolate works wonderfully in a mud pie recipe or in chocolate hazelnut gelato.  

Santa Barbara Chocolate Rainforest Cacao Pure Cocoa Chocolates 

Blends of exotic origin organically grown cocoa beans are why our chocolate is a gourmet baking chocolate. Exclusive blends, ethically traded adhering to the highest standards of quality. Our cocoas are not loaded up with fillers or ash. A handful of our rainforest exclusive cocoa blends will offer a bigger flavor impact and satisfying taste. Perfect for all baking recipes, smoothies, hot chocolate drinks, frostings, cakes and brownies our cocoa chocolate is smooth, unsweetened pure cocoa goodness.

California style Cocoa Made in the USA. Choosing cocoa chocolate made in the USA is very important.  USA made cocoa must pass stricter requirements than those made in some other countries.  Our authentic raw ingredients of a red cocoa blend is a premium quality you will recognize the instant you smell the rich and pleasing aroma.

Santa Barbara Chocolate Co. has been built on quality chocolate and cocoa. It would be a pleasure for us to be associated with your company as your wholesale chocolate supplier.




Warranty Information

100% Cacao Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Amazonas is the taste of pure raw organic cacao. Grown in the deep jungle headlands of the Rainforest. Exotic floral flavors with deep dark cocoa notes, taste the rarest and exotic cacao few have tasted. This is the best unsweetened chocolate brand.

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