100% Organic Unsweetened Chocolate is wholesome and smooth direct to you from the rainforest of Peru. A treat like no other, this is the pure taste of the most delicate and complex flavored baking chocolate available. Perfect for eating and great for those wanting to have the maximum amount of cacao in each bite.

100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate

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    100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate 

    Experience exotic cacao grown deep in the headlands of the mighty Amazon. This is 100% Chocolate made from Pure Cacao.

    • GMO FREE

    100% Pure cacao organic dark chocolate INGREDIENTS: Organic Cocoa Mass.

    Simply pure ground cacao to a smooth texture and then formed into chocolate discs - unsweetened chocolate 100% cocoa solids. This is the flavor of 100 dark chocolate: strong robust and bitter with the subtle nuances of exotic organic cacao.

    Bulk organic 100% cacao chocolate has unsurpassed flavor and is perfect for all organic baking chocolate recipes. If you are going to take the time to craft a homemade chocolate truffle or baked good you will want your time to pay off with the best possible result. This pure 100% cacao gives you the real organic cacao experience in a raw flavor. You should experience the taste of wild cacao like the Indians of Amazonia.


    100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate Specification Sheet

    100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate Organic Certification

    100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate Kosher Certification

    100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate Heavy Metal Monitoring Results


    The real taste of pure raw cacao is very apparent when eating 100% cocoa solids because there is nothing else added to the chocolate (no sugar, no vanilla, no milk, no extra cocoa butter). This is the real test of quality. Notice the floral nuances with dark earthy flavors and a slight wet cacao taste tempered with a smooth even melt.  We know the source of the cacao and the orchards and feel confident in the quality and safety.  The farmers tending the cacao trees are paid a living wage and they really enjoy what they do.  The Peruvian government carefully regulates all aspects of the cacao and ensures everyone involved is following good hygiene and care of the organic cacao to ensure sustainability and successful long term future.  The result is an unsweetened organic baking chocolate you'll feel good about. 

    Unsweetened Chocolate Means It tastes Bitter.

    Organic Dark Chocolate Unsweetened Chocolate Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Mass


    Please read our reviews so you can learn more about our quality chocolate.

    We use Ethical Trade and Fair Trade Cacao. UTZ is an independent audit organization that reviews cacao and fair chocolate practices.


    The Differences in Flavor of our Pure Chocolate Types

    The differences are based in the cacao origin and as a result flavor and viscosity.
    100 Pure Dark Chocolate: Peruvian cacao from Northeastern Rio Tigre valley in the Amazonas region. The chocolate is earthy, slight fruit with pronounce bitterness giving way to floral and lingering cocoa notes.  The cacao is slightly lower fat so when melted it is a medium viscosity. The cacao is classified as Cuchillo Criollo. 
    100 Dark Chocolate Rainforest dark: North Hispaniola from a micro climate area.  The chocolate is slightly more mild with hints of tobacco and red berry notes giving way to pronounce cocoa and finishing with a clean melt. The cacao is type of Trinitario with a higher fat content by 2% approximately so it is more fluid when melted.  

    Santa Barbara Chocolate Unsweetened Chocolate Cacao Medallions recipes:

    100 Dark Chocolate Fondue: 8 oz. unsweetened cacao chocolate + 4 oz. milk or dairy free rice milk + pinch of cinnamon.Mix and heat at medium temperature, stirring constantly. Dip your favorite fruit or nuts.

    100 Dark Chocolate Truffle Ganache Vegan Friendly: 8 oz. unsweetened cacao chocolate + 4 oz. coconut cream + 1 tbsp. agave syrup. Mix and heat at medium temperature, stirring constantly, Once mixed well refrigerate to set. Once set use a spoon to scoop and ball ganache into truffles. Roll them in chopped nuts or our Red Cocoa Powder.

    You can also use our Unsweetened Cacao Chocolate as a substitute for any unsweetened chocolate baking recipe. Use a 1:1 ratio by weight for the recipe.

    How many medallions are in 1 ounce of the 100% dark chocolate? These coins vary so the numbers below are approximate.

    16oz x 22lb = 352 ounces = 352 (1 ounce servings)
    1.5 grams per coin = 18.6 coins per 1 ounce serving
    18.6 coins per 1 oz x 352 ounces total = 6,571 coins per 22lb box

    Detailed research on Cacao and Cocoa bean flavor in Organic Unsweetened Chocolate.

    Santa Barbara Chocolatiers use the 100 Dark Chocolate as a base in making all of our couverture chocolates.  By adding in sugar you create chocolate percentage types.  For example, if you add 30% sugar to 100 dark chocolate you then have made a 70 couverture chocolate.

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    1. Exceptional!

      Intensely flavorful chocolate, timely delivery. I'm a repeat customer. on 16th Apr 2017

    2. Favorite Dark Chocolate

      Santa Barbara 100% Dark Unsweetened Chocolate it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet plus 5 star customer service. on 11th Mar 2017

    3. Just My Opinion

      I am very happy with the Santa Barbara customer service and that my order was delivered in a timely manner and in excellent condition. I didn't expect the cocao to be so bitter. Regardless I think it's a high quality product and it can go in a smoothie with some fruit. Not sure that I'll be ordering that particular product again. Please take my taste into account when reading my review. on 25th Feb 2017

    4. Amazing Unsweetened Chocolate

      We use the organic unsweetened chocolate in our ice cream products and it is amazing. Great quality and came to us quick and easy. on 15th Feb 2017

    5. Hard to Find!

      I searched high and low to find this. I wanted 100% unsweetened cacao to put in my smoothie to detox. It is yummie! on 24th Jan 2017

    6. Exquisite

      I use 5 or 6 pieces every morning. It is an acquired taste, but the feeling later on is difficult to describe. I feel full of energy which is completely under my control and I can channel it in any direction I like. Needless to say, I love the product and have been using it for quite a while. on 24th Jan 2017

    7. awesome

      Smooth and creamy, love the new bags, so easy to use and store. Just wish they came in extra small chips. Love to make chocolate chip cookies with this but hate to chop. on 21st Jan 2017

    8. Great Chocolate and Great Service

      Thanks Jason, Your Chocolate made it on time. I appreciate your attention to detail with my order. The chocolate sent is delightful. on 21st Jan 2017

    9. This is the best chocolate!

      The 100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate is a very consistent, delicious, high quality baking chocolate that I'll continue purchasing for my bakery. Thank you Santa Barbara Chocolate for providing such a great product! on 20th Jan 2017

    10. Amazing!

      Well, honestly I don’t know where to start. I love milk chocolate, creamy, light, but I turned vegan. Since then I am trying different dark chocolates, artisan chocolate bars and so far they all tasted really ‘rough’. I am no chocolate aficionado (yet), but I felt I have to cut out chocolate altogether. Then I found SB chocolate, and they even offer chocolate without soy, sugar, I was in heaven. When I got the chocolate I was completely perplexed by the taste. It has so many different notes to it, it is crazy! Especially the ‘flowery’ notes surprised me, and I am not sure but there was also some earthiness, also almost a tad coffee flavor. And it cycles through these flavors, one after the other. Really amazing. I am so glad I found this company, they are totally in sync with my values. Next I want to try the organic chocolate with the organic sugar. I really am hooked! on 20th Jan 2017

    11. unsweetened chocolate

      This is a fabulous product! Nothing but cacao and great taste and mouth feel. I was especially impressed with the care with which it was packed and shipped. Thank you! on 20th Jan 2017

    12. Best Organic Unsweetened Chocolate

      I've purchased the 3 pound bag of pure 100% organic unsweetened Amazonas chocolate several times in the past, and when I run out, I buy another bag. That in itself should tell you I love this stuff. You can not compare this chocolate to the stuff you find in the grocery store for price or quality. on 20th Jan 2017

    13. Great dark chocolate

      I love Santa Barbara Chocolate! It is the best and healthiest dark chocolate I have ever had, and I have been buying dark chocolate for a long time. The packaging is great too. on 20th Jan 2017

    14. Hard to find

      But they had what I was looking for - good quality, 100% dark chocolate discs. Yeah! on 20th Jan 2017

    15. Finally, chocolate I can eat without regret!

      Due to health issues, I'm not supposed to eat sugar. But I LOVE chocolate! Also, all sugar substitutes other than Stevia throw my stomach off. There are several store brands of chocolate that are made with Stevia, but they contain Inulin (a prebiotic that also throws my stomach off). Solution: I order the unsweetened chocolate from Santa Barbara Chocolate, mix in with organic cocoa butter, vanilla extract, ghee, coconut butter, 100% pure Stevia (free of additives), and my favorite essential oil (orange, lavender or peppermint), and voila! I'm in love... on 19th Jan 2017

    16. Rich and smooth

      Delivered in 1 day, I ordered it on Friday, and it was on my doorstep on Saturday. I was wowed by that since we live in an area that always requires extra time. The chocolate was perfect and rich. I'm ready for more! on 19th Jan 2017

    17. Found a source at last!!

      I am a diabetic, so I avoid sugar. Over the years, I developed a taste for real chocolate without any sugar added. And not any dark chocolate. What worked best for me was small chips. I was running out of my previous supply and had always found them hard to find at a reasonable price. Many offered "low sugar" semi-sweet chips. Few offered sugarless chips. Now I have found the place to go for what I want. I found them at Santa Barbara Chocolate. https://www.santabarbarachocolate.com/100-pure-cacao-organic-dark-unsweetened-chocolate/ I just bought 22 more pounds, having tried three pounds as a test. They suit me to a TEE. Now I'm good for several years. Be advised: these chips have ZERO sugar. They are NOT sweet, but they are very chocolaty. Most people might use them to frost cakes and cupcakes. on 19th Jan 2017

    18. fast delivery

      it's delivered on time. good quality and fast delivery. satisfied. on 19th Jan 2017

    19. great quality

      I used this chocolate to filled truffles and it tempered perfectly on 19th Jan 2017

    20. The best stuff ever

      I think this chocolate is the best you can find anywhere. I thought I'm gonna make my own chocolate bars from this 100% cacao chocolate. But now I eat it just like that. Sometimes with a few rains. It's perfect. on 19th Jan 2017

  • Warranty Information

    100% Cacao Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Amazonas is the taste of pure raw organic cacao. Grown in the deep jungle headlands of the Rainforest of Peru where the Amazon river flows down from the Andes. Exotic floral flavors with deep dark cocoa notes, taste the rarest and exotic cacao only indians from Amazonia have tasted. This is the best unsweetened chocolate brand.

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