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Cacao Chocolate by Santa Barbara Chocolate is made from shade grown cocoa fruit. Chocolate as exotic as the name implies, it is as pure as possible. With pronounced flavor this chocolate is closer to the cocoa bean for those who want to taste the character of 100% cocoa solids. It is bitter chocolate because it has no sugar. Pure chocolate liquor.

We start with premium grade AA cocoa beans that are ground into cocoa paste and then crafted into easy to use and eat chocolate pieces. This pure dark chocolate has all the cocoa solids from the cocoa beans intact. This pure cacao has a smooth texture and pleasant melting characteristic releasing a bouquet of flavors which dark chocolate lovers will savor.

Enjoy right from the package or as a baking chocolate in any recipe like chocolate brownies. These are the most flavorful option for Paleo hot chocolate recipes and Keto chocolate recipes.

What is Chocolate Liquor?

Chocolate Liquor is the technical term used in chocolate manufacturing and defined by specific standards under FDA safety and supervision. As a definition it is from the early days of chocolate making. It is a colloquial use of words from the late 1800's when the words used in combination meant concentrated flavor and pure essence of cocoa beans.

Does Chocolate Liquor contain alcohol?

The FDA defines our Cacao Chocolate as a Chocolate Liquor. This means it is a type of pure chocolate with no fillers and no alcohol.

When you eat pure cacao type of chocolate, you'll taste the darkest cocoa bean essence.


Ingredient: Organic Chocolate Liquor (pure milled cacao with no additives)

This chocolate has minimal processing of the cocoa bean without any added sugar as allowed by FDA and USDA law. No alcohol: chocolate liquor is bitter dark chocolate.

Distinctly a California lifestyle chocolate, you will find this chocolate liquor to have robust flavor, fudge like with hints of nut like flavors.

Do you want the darkest chocolate perfection? Share a kindred connection with Santa Barbara Chocolate and have food safety for your family. You, just like us, want exotic tasting chocolate that is worth investing the time in a creative way crafting a chocolate delight.  We share your chocolate passion as a chocolate lover, eating the absolute black and darkest of all chocolate types. This is real cacao showcasing all the glory of the superfood.

The FDA regulates the use of chocolate terminology and for chocolate to be sold in the USA it must meet government standards.

Below is the description from the FDA explaining what our chocolate classification is and why it is called chocolate liquor as a single ingredient under USA standards. The Santa Barbara Chocolate branded food is classified in this FDA category PART 163. We list chocolate liquor as the only ingredient on the packaging.


Subpart B--Requirements for Specific Standardized Cacao Products

(a) Description. (1) Chocolate liquor is the solid or semiplastic food prepared by finely grinding cacao nibs. The fat content of the food may be adjusted by adding one or more of the optional ingredients specified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section to the cacao nibs. Chocolate liquor contains not less than 50 percent nor more than 60 percent by weight of cacao fat as determined by the method prescribed in 163.5(b).

Santa Barbara Chocolate does not alkalize chocolate. This is an exotic chocolate with no added ingredients. Our goal is to keep it as raw as possible and as close to the original cocoa beans as possible.

Cocoa Powder can be replaced with CACAO CHOCOLATE in Baking Recipes

Cocoa powder is more intense in flavor then chocolate because it is fat reduced through high pressure pressing (cold process but with kinetic energy heat). Cocoa butter extraction when pressing cocoa nibs leaves a concentrated cocoa bean product (powder). This powder through pressing, experiences very high heat from kinetic energy. As a result of pressing, the antioxidant value can be reduced. Cacao chocolate is more in tact and closer to the original cocoa beans as a whole food because it hasn't been pressed.

Sample recipe:

100 grams of powder = 150 grams chocolate

Reduce the butter or fat in the recipe by 75 grams


1 powder = 1.5 chocolate

Reduce recipe fat by the amount calculated when you take the total chocolate weight divided by 2.

How is chocolate liquor made?


• Cocoa Beans Arrive

The magic begins. Our doors open in order to receive Cocoa Beans from exotic and exciting places all around the world, such as the Caribbean, Ecuador, Vietnam, Trinidad and Hispaniola (just to name a few).That means that the final chocolate you’ll be tasting is not only a delicious chocolate, but one that taste like an adventure from around the world.


• Cocoa Bean Roasting - lowest allowable temperature by law

The adventure continues. We clean up and select the best Fair Trade cocoa beans so that we can guarantee you a chocolate that is pure and good. Next, when we are sure we have the best of the best, we roast the cocoa beans so that the exquisite flavor of the cacao fruit shines. In this process the colors intensify and the richness of cocoa blossoms.


• Cocoa Bean Grinding

Unique. At this process, the flavor and smell explode. By grinding the high quality cocoa beans previously lightly roasted, we get to obtain a fantastic chocolate liquor that won’t contain any added sugar. An authentic and pure chocolate flavor results.


• Chocolate is Made

Now the Magic is Yours. The chocolate liquor is tempered and turns into thousands of chocolate pieces that, one by one, fall onto the conveyor belt and take a ride to a future of possibilities. Thanks to these pieces, you and yours create your own magic at home by making all kind of recipes adding your own taste and personality or simply eating and enjoying every bite of these exquisite morsels.


Flow Chart of our process:




Cacao Chocolate | Chocolate Liquor

~2,000 pieces per pound



Organic chocolate liquor.

Country of Origin
Unites States
Allergen Information
May contain milk.
Product Characteristics
Count per pound 1,900 - 2,100
Chemical Limits Method
Moisture ≤ 2.50% IOCCC1(1952)
Total fat content 50.5 - 54.5% IOCCC14(1972)
Microbiological Limits Method
Total plate count (CC) ≤ 5,000/g ISO4833
Yeasts ≤ 50/g ISO7954
Molds ≤ 50/g ISO7954
Enterobacteriaceae ≤ 10/g ISO21528-2
Coliforms ≤ 10/g ISO4832
E. coli Absent/g ISO16649-2
Salmonella Absent/25 g ISO6579
Recommended Storing Conditions
54 - 68°F; relative humidity ≤ 70%, in odor free atmosphere.
Shelf Life
Best used within 36 months.
Nutritional Information on Average for 3.53 oz (100 g)
Calories 502 kcal Calories from fat 439 kcal
Calories 2,102 kJ    
Total protein 11.9 g Milk protein 0.0 g
Protein (DV) 23.7%    
Total carbohydrates 31.0 g Sugars (mono + disaccharides) 0.5 g
Total carbohydrates (DV) 10.3%  Polyols 0.0 g
    Polydextrose 0.00 g
    Starch 8.1 g
Total fat 37.2 g Saturated fatty acid 31.6 g
Total fat (DV) 14.1% Saturated fatty acid (DV) 158.1%
    Mono unsaturated fatty acid 17.0 g
    Poly unsaturated fatty acid 1.5 g
    Trans fatty acid (TFA) total 0.0 g
    Cholesterol 0.0 mg
    Cholesterol (DV) 0.0%
Organic acids 1.60 g Dietary fiber 16.6 g
    Dietary fiber (DV) 66.4%
Total alkaloids 1.26 g Alcohol 0.00 g
Poly hydroxyphenols 3.00 g Vitamin A - Retinol 1.000 µg
    Vitamin A (DV) 0.1%
    Vitamin A (IU) 3
    Provitamin A - Beta-Caotene 0.000 µg
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin 0.200 mg Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin 0.200 mg
Vitamin B1 (DV) 13.3% Vitamin B2 (DV) 11.8%
Vitamin B3/PP - Niacin/Nicotin 1.500 mg Vitamin B5 - Pantoic Acid 0.800 mg
Vitamin B3 (DV) 7.5% Vitamin B5 (DV) 8.0%
Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxin 0.035 mg Vitamin B12 - Cyano-Cobalamine 0.000 µg
Vitamin B6 (DV) 1.8% Vitamin B12 (DV) 0.0%
Vitamin D - Calciferol 2.400 µg Vitamin E - Alpha-Tocopherol 4.300 mg
Vitamin D (DV) 24.0% Vitamin E (DV) 14.3%
Vitamin D (IU) 96 Vitamin E (IU) 6
Vitamin H - Biotin 0.000 mg Vitamin M - Folic Acid 21.700 µg
Vitamin H (DV) 0.0% Vitamin M (DV) 5.4%
Sodium 14.0 mg Vitamin C - L-Asorbic Acid 0.000 mg
Sodium (DV) 0.6% Vitamin C (DV) 0.0%
Phosphorus 389.0 mg Calcium 79.0 mg
Phosphorus (DV) 48.6% Calcium (DV) 7.9%
Iron 12.10 mg Magnesium 327.0 mg
Iron (DV) 67.2% Magnesium (DV) 81.8%
Zinc 3.81 mg Iodine 0.00 µg
Zinc (DV) 25.4% Iodine (DV) 0.0%
Chloride 18.50 mg Potassium 835.5 mg
Ash content 3.14 g Potassium (DV) 23.9%

*Nutrient content information is indicative of composition but not intended as definitive or complete. It is not intended for use in determining specific nutrient labeling values in finished products containing this ingredient as the responsibility for determining label information lies with the finished product manufacturer. Organic matter such as contained in products of this nature is subject to variation in nutritional composition. We disclaim any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability. Our responsibility for claims arising from breach of warranty, negligence or any other cause shall not include consequential, special or incidental damages, even if we have been made aware of the possibility of such damages, and is limited to the purchase price of the product. None of the statements made herein shall be construed as a grant, either express or implied, of any license under any patent held by Santa Barbara Chocolate or other parties. 

Chocolate with no sugar added is called Chocolate Liquor under FDA terminology and is also known as Black Chocolate in some parts of the world because of the dark color. 100% Cacao Chocolate is a blend of our best cacao varieties creating a mellow bitterness with a smooth dark chocolate flavor and clean melt.

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