Organic Criollo Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate Wafers

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Organic Criollo Cacao in the shape of Unsweetened Chocolate Wafers.

Limited Quantity Criollo Cacao from the Amazonas headlands, a single origin cacao: 100% Cacao, Organic Certified, Vegan Certified, Kosher Parve. 

Tasting Notes: Clean and bitter dark with macadamia like flavors. The most special heirloom cacao is used in making this chocolate.

Why is Criollo Cacao Special? It is the most rare cacao type.

Criollo cacao accounts for 2% of all cocoa grown in the world. It is the original cacao type botanically. Delicate with a low yield of cocoa beans while also requiring very specific climatic conditions for growing within the tropical rainforest, the Criollo cacao has a special flavor profile that is unique.

Most companies claiming to be selling Criollo cacao are likely selling a hybrid type called Trinitario (more fruity in flavor than nutty). The fact is, there simply is not enough crop of quality, real Criollo to go around to fulfill the marketing demand by all the companies claiming to be selling "real" Criollo. Know your source before paying too much for a marketing angle.

Criollo fruit trees are difficult to grow successfully. They do not produce enough cocoa beans for large scale chocolate production. Criollo fruit is almost always harvested from wild heirloom trees or from small farm plots under the canopy of the rainforest where dedicated farmers live with the trees and know each tree on a direct level acting as cocoa stewards.

In Mesoamerica, the Criollo cacao was reserved for royalty. The best trees in fact were guarded. Theft of the fruit was punishable. The seeds of this variety of cacao was so valued it was used as a trade tool like currency and it was even regulated just like gold stocks. The other varieties of cacao seeds were not used as currency in the capital cities of Mesoamerica as so commonly told in stories (except by illegal traders or on the far reaches of the empire where the cocoa regulation was not followed). It was only the Criollo cocoa seed that was considered of real value.

Taste and compare to know the truth of Criollo Cacao.

Ingredient: Organic Cacao Beans.

*Certified Parve Chocolate

*USDA Organic

*100% Vegan Ingredient: Made in a dedicated milk free facility.


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