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Truffles, Gifts and Favors
Truffles, Gifts and Favors
Organic Chocolate
Organic Chocolate
Cocoa Powder Pure Cacao
Cocoa Powder Pure Cacao
Baking Chocolate Chips
Baking Chocolate Chips
Dipping Chocolate
Dipping Chocolate
No Sugar Added Chocolate
No Sugar Added Chocolate
Wholesale Bulk Chocolate
Wholesale Bulk Chocolate
Bulk Chocolate Truffles
Bulk Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate & Happiness

The good life and healthy living go hand in hand with California chocolate style. Explore the pure unadulterated organic chocolate, raw cacao & cocoa powder we offer. California grown, lightly toasted nut varieties and tree ripened fruits are enrobed in the finest pure chocolate couverture. Our luscious chocolate truffles are infused with a variety of garden fresh fanciful flavors. Crunchy buttery toffee, chewy caramel and nougatine classics are all offered in gourmet gift boxes and gift basket collections. We also provide, at wholesale prices, an array of high quality bulk chocolate and cacao for those who are interested in participating in the art of chocolate making.

- Master Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske

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