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Brazilian Chocolate

brazilian cacao trees

Chocolate Diversity

Brazil offers a diverse range of cacao varieties and is one of the cradles of all cacao trees and hybrids. In fact when you look at all the hybrid types and flavors offered in Brazilian cacao you can find 140+ types.

Brazilian Chocolate Flavor Profile

Brazilian cacao has a strong flavor, so normally you will find Brazilian cacao used with other cacao types to create unique flavor profiles in chocolate. Brazilian cacao can have strong fruity, earthy or wet flavors. If one chooses the correct type of Brazilian cacao, it can offer a wonderful flavor that is truly unique and very uplifting. The predominate locations for Brazilian cacao production are Manaus North Central Amazon and Bahia Eastern Coastal.

Great Brazilian Selection

Brazilian Dark Chocolate

"Brazilian Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Chunk represents some of the best South American chocolate for baking."

-Master Chocolatier