Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture Grand Aroma

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Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture with coffee like flavors. We call it Grand Aroma.

  • Ethical Trade Cacao
  • Medium Roast Cacao
  • Real Chocolate with Pure Cocoa Butter

Dark Belgian Chocolate Ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier) and vanilla extract.

High quality cacao is roasted at a low temperature for a long time to create a deep flavor (this is the famous Belgian roast). Pure cacao when roasted longer offers a smooth chocolate tasting experience much like a high quality coffee. Medium dark brown chocolate color, bittersweet chocolate flavor with notes of caramel and muted acidity. 

What is the best dark chocolate for candy making? 

Our Belgian dark chocolate known as Grand Aroma is a favorite among pastry chefs and candy makers.

All of our chocolates have been tested and prequalifed for candy making and professional chocolate making. They are tested for ease of tempering, viscosity, flavor after tempering, how they harmonize with different inclusions or fruit flavorings and all are significantly tested for food safety. Chocolate food safety is a very important priority for us. Our customers re-order at over an 80% rate and this is due to our testing and guarantee. As head chocolatier for Santa Barbara Chocolate I get to work with all of our chocolates everyday. I act as technical advisor for customers with specific questions mostly relating to a recipe or application.  When it comes to the best dark chocolate for candy making I advise that you choose a chocolate that makes you feel happy. Look at the chocolate's features and see if they are right for you. The top 6 things I look for in a quality chocolate are:

  • Does the chocolate taste great?
  • Is the chocolate made with pure cocoa butter or does it have some type of added filler replacing cocoa butter (i.e. palm oil or cbe cocoa butter equivalent).
  • I like chocolate couvertures for candy making because they are lower viscosity (less thick) and more fluid. Chocolate couvertures have more cocoa butter then standard chocolate. Is the chocolate a couverture chocolate?
  • How does the chocolate taste? Is it a flavor you like? Is it too sweet, or too bitter?
  • Is the chocolate made from a responsibly sourced cacao or ethical trade cacao? This is very important for many reasons. Unfortunately some chocolates come from forced labor farms and this is a really bad thing for everyone's karma when profit becomes more important then good will and love. 
  • Is the chocolate artificial flavor free? This is important to us purists looking for real flavor.

You obviously care about quality chocolate for eating and cooking and that's why you've come to our website to shop.  If you didn't care you would've gone to the store and bought something typical. But you clearly want your efforts to be rewarded with fun food and good karma. Thank you for your research. So in sum, to make a long story short: This really is one of the best dark chocolate choices for candy making because it is easy to temper, made with responsibly sourced cocoa, not too sweet and without fake flavor.

Bulk Dark Chocolate is Ethical Trade

We sell only Ethical Trade Cacao Chocolate. Our raw cacao ingredients come from socially responsible fair trade brokers. UTZ is one of our favorite cacao auditors with very detailed methods in place to guarantee traceability, sustainability and ethical trade practices.  


Santa Barbara Chocolatier recipe:

Ingredients for Belgian Beer Chocolate Truffles

Beer Ganache
  • 8oz. Belgian Beer 
  • 3oz. Honey 
  • 1lb. 4oz. of our Imported Belgian Dark Chocolate Grand Aroma
  • 3oz. Butter 
Additional Chocolate ingredient
  • Belgian Milk Chocolate Couverture

Preparation of Beer Truffles:

  1. Boil the Belgian beer with honey.
  2. Pour onto the Belgian Dark Chocolate and mix so it is smooth. 
  3. When the ganache reaches 87F add butter and mix with a hand mixer. 
  4. Pour ganache into a parchment lined sheet pan and let it crystallize for 14 hours at 60F.
  5. Temper the milk chocolate couverture and spread a thin layer of the tempered Belgian Milk Chocolate on the ganache side. 
  6. When it’s crystallized, turn the ganache and spread another thin layer of tempered Belgian Milk Chocolate on the other side. 
  7. Cut into 1/2" by 2" rectangles.
  8. Lastly, dip each ganache rectangle into tempered Belgian Dark Chocolate Grand Aroma.


Warranty Information

Our Belgian Wholesale Chocolate Grand Aroma recipe marks the strong points of the best Belgian chocolate which are flavors of dark cocoa with an earthy flavorful melt.

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  • 5
    Grand Aroma

    Posted by Terry Murray on 31st Jan 2018


  • 5
    XcxxxxXxxGrand Aroma

    Posted by tracy on 21st Jan 2018

    Perfect amount of darkness. Melts beautifully.

  • 5

    Posted by Beth Parker on 3rd May 2017

    Love this chocolate and so do my co-workers.They melt the chips at work and dip in different choices like strawberries, peanut butter, nuts, and more fruits. They are always happy when I have this chocolate in stock.

  • 5
    My oh my what a superb chocolate

    Posted by Walter H. on 27th Jan 2017

    The Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture Grand Aroma is gorgeous. Gorgeous to taste, wonderful to work with and looks elegant when done. We used it for dipped truffles for a wedding and they stole the show. Lovely as the bride. I came home and couldn't stand it that the chocolate was almost gone, so I ordered another box.

  • 5
    Belgium dark and milk couverture

    Posted by Stephanie R. on 20th Jan 2017

    They are both great! They taste so good!

  • 5
    Wonderful Chocolate!

    Posted by Louis W. on 19th Jan 2017

    I will always get my chocolate from SBC.. Top quality! Kim's Gourmet Kitchen....

  • 5
    Santa Barbara Chocolate

    Posted by Rose E. on 19th Jan 2017

    My first time ordering from the Santa Barbara Chocolate Co. was a great experience. Opening the 3 lb bag of chocolate the aroma was so noticeable. I'm glad to find chocolate to my liking, what a treat. Thank you, Rose E.

  • 4
    Purchased to eat straight up

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Oct 2016

    I/we purchased this to eat directly with my tea or coffee. This chocolate is smooth, creamy and has sweet note. However, it is a little too sweet for our liking as a snack. My wife and I did a taste test comparing the Belgian dark chocolate couvertaure grand aroma to T.J. 72% dark chocolate. We both preferred the T.J.'s since it was less sweet and more bitter. I guess this is just a personal taste thing. I'm sure the Santa Barbara Belgian couvertature is great for making desserts. Next time I/we will try a Santa Barbara chocolate that has a higher percentage of cocoa.

  • 5
    Amazing stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jun 2016

    I keep ordering this chocolate over and over because it's just so good. It's great in recipes or to eat alone. Creamy mouth feel. Rich flavor, but still smooth. It also tempers beautifully and works well for things like chocolate dipped strawberries. You can't go wrong ordering this chocolate.

  • 5

    Posted by DC on 6th Apr 2016

    This chocolate is so lovely. The flavor is wonderfully rich and complex without any bitterness. It melts and pours beautifully. My chocolate bunnies were a huge hit!

  • 5
    Belgian 64% The Best

    Posted by Beth on 31st Oct 2015

    Again and again this chocolate tastes great and is very easy to work with.

  • 5
    king of the belgians

    Posted by Liz Cloud 9 chocolates on 27th Mar 2015

    This chocolate is very aptly named
    It's very smooth and creamy but with rich flavorful undertones
    Blended to 72% it is superb