Chocolate Boxes and Packaging Materials for your Chocolates

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

The Perfect Chocolate Box Packaging

Taste isn’t confined to the tongue but is all about igniting the senses. A quality chocolate will entice the customer with not only its melt in the mouth moment of bliss, but also the aroma of rich cocoa and the way it is packaged.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Making chocolate tempting means packaging it in a unique and sumptuous way. Inevitably the chocolate box plays a major role when it comes to boosting your brand. If you really want your chocolates to stand out from the crowd and look special then you have to consider investing in quality packaging to help boost brand awareness. Unfortunately this is an aspect of marketing that is often overlooked by the chocolatier. The artisan may end up underrating their product by opting for standard, unoriginal and generic chocolate boxes to hold their precious designs.

Set Yourself Apart

Many chocolate crafters go to one source when selecting chocolate boxes, truffle boxes, favor boxes and candy packaging. Whilst these box companies may do the trick of keeping your chocolates safe and fresh, often they lack the golden imagination that can really set your business apart. Even though your chocolates may have been created with love and imagination – it is visually hard to distinguish your brand from a competitor.

Make the Sale

Put yourself in the customers shoes, if you are shopping for a box of delectable truffles to take home for a special treat, how do you choose which box makes the sale? Without a doubt a large percentile of the customers will opt for the box of chocolates that looks the best, that oozes luxury and that looks a little different. With this in mind unless you opt for high-end original packaging, you are selling yourself short as a master chocolatier.

Santa Barbara Designed to Fit

This is where Santa Barbara Chocolate Company can help. As a distinguished and independent chocolate company we understand the market inside and out. Box companies will ramble off a selection of tired and tested, generic boxes and your chocolate creations will have to adapt to the box. However when working with Santa Barbara, their in-house design team will take your unique chocolates and your brand ideals as the inspiration and create a tailored box to suit your needs.

Artistic Freedom from Start to Finish

This allows you to work with artistic freedom from the very moment you put on your apron to the very second you place your confectionary products into that special box. This guarantees that your box of chocolates will stand out from the crowd, entice customers for a closer look and help your business get a firm footing when it comes to brand awareness.

Start a Packaging Partnership

Another benefit of buying your chocolate packaging from Santa Barbara Chocolate is that they are a one stop shop for confectioners and specialty bakers. Working in a close partnership with a chocolate craft company that cares you can save yourself time and make great savings by using Santa Barbara for all your chocolate purchases. You can buy a delectable range of high quality chocolate in bulk and even the packaging for that superior finishing touch!

As a company passionate about all things sweet when it comes to your business we want to help you be the best. Why not start a packaging partnership that can help you get the edge in a competitive marketplace and give your chocolates the box it deserves.