Food from the Heart

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Food from the Heart

I read in one of my chocolate trade journals that Ball Canning Supply had a great year in 2009, even though many other companies went bankrupt that year. The management of Ball said they think this is directly the result of the recession. With a shortened money supply and a stronger interest in spending time at home, many families started canning their own foods again. I suspect for many this at first doesn't seem as much fun as going out for dinner and a movie, but I bet many people who did this, found this activity to be a great alternative form of entertainment.

If you're reading this blog you might feel the same way as I do. You already know how something made at home can taste. You're in charge of the quality, the ingredients and the time placed into each food produced; as a result, everything tastes the best ever. Baking a cake or cookies at home is not only therapeutic, but also a huge hit with everyone who gets to sample the exquisite result.

Probably one of the most important ingredients placed in home cooking and baking that makes the food taste so good is the non-tangible ingredient of LOVE. There's a certain amount of heartfelt love and effort placed into each item made at home, and I have to say that is the secret ingredient that makes the difference.

My mom Lynnea is one of us, a home baker that loves sharing from her heart. Lynnea hasn't been trained professionally as a chef or baker. She is a self taught baking wizard, and I'm guessing this is due to her being raised on a Kansas farm and being highly motivated to be good at a craft that makes everyone happy.

I asked mom to share with me some of her thoughts on baking and chocolate making etc. You'll see some of her posts here. Mom's recipes are basic but good. These easy recipes are for you to share what you love doing with your friends and family.

The picture above shows mom at home in Kansas right after baking cookies chocolate chip cookies (my personal favorite). Her beloved Jack Russell Terrier Louie sits with her. Louie passed away in 2009.