Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022


This is a fun tea room to visit for lunch with a million dollar view of the Atlantic through sweeping windows. Miremont was founded in 1872 by a Swiss chocolatier named Etienne Singher. Many kings have enjoyed lunch at this location including King Alfonso XIII of Spain and H.M. King Edward VII of England.

The tearoom decor is classic French 1800s. It is a fun and an unpretentious place to visit even though it has such an illustrious history. English is not widely spoken so I recommend bringing a pocket translator to help you navigate the menu.

The chocolates are classic French and above average. The chocolatieris very proud of the Valrhona couverture they use in making their pastries, desserts and truffles and is not keeping it a secret they use it exclusively. The truffle and chocolate flavors are the traditional favorites like pralinĂ©, framboise (raspberry) and all dark. From thechocolatier's collection the all dark origine Manjari chocolate bonbon was my favorite. It had a medium thick enrobed chocolate coating with a medium firm ganache interior. The flavor was slightly bitter with a lot of fruit and berry notes (this is the flavor profile characteristic of trinitario Asian cacao). The melt was very smooth and even. Without a doubt the Miremont's chocolatiers know what they are doing.