Raw Cacao and Cocoa Bean Flavor Profiles

Raw Cacao and Cocoa Bean Flavor Profiles

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

The World of Cacao Bean Flavor Profiles

Discover the world of chocolate flavors online at Santa Barbara Chocolate. Below is some great chocolate knowledge and insight into the world of cacao beans and their corresponding flavor profiles, from the master chocolatier at Santa Barbara Chocolate Company.

Exotic Origin and Flavor

Different varieties of cocoa beans from exotic origins will have signature flavor characteristics. As a chocolatier, manufacturer and distributor, Santa Barbara Chocolate strives to blend particular cacaos to produce pleasant and unique flavor profiles.

Santa Barbara Chocolate's cocoa beans are grown properly, harvested when ripe and handled with the utmost care. As a result, the following flavor profiles will be true to the variety and origin of the cacao:

West African Cacao

Cote d'Ivoire Cacao

Forastero Cacao with good cocoa flavor and nutty tones. Low acidity and bitterness.

Sao Thome Cacao

Forastero Cacao with strong cocoa notes and spice. It is considered a flavor grade top quality cocoa but very hard to come by the quality cacao grown on the island, because the island is small and can not fulfill the demand for it's unique origin cacao. Most Sao Thome cacao beans are not handled properly. Look for the flavor profile described here. If you notice smokey or hammy flavors you have received the bad quality cacao which was dried over an open flame and smoked. Santa Barbara Chocolate cacao will be the best quality and not show these characteristics.

Ghana Cacao

Forastero Cacao with a strong chocolate impact. It will produce some of the most classic flavored cocoas.

South American Cacao

Ecuador Cacao

Arriba Nacional Cacao with a mild cocoa flavor. Hints of jasmine, berries and strong earthy notes prevail. It is considered a flavor grade top quality cocoa.

Hispaniola Dominican Republic Cacao

Criollo Cacao that requires a full 6 days of fermentation to show it's true flavor nature: A light, balanced cocoa flavor with subtle earthy notes.

Fiji South Pacific Cacao

Criollo Cacao that is mild and very light in color. It is considered a flavor grade top quality cocoa.