Rainforest Black Cocoa Powder

Black Cocoa 50lb Case


Black Cocoa Powder is the darkest cocoa where we use the Dutch Process. Made from robust flavored rainforest cacao, the secret of this cocoa powder is in the process of how we make it.

50LB Case - Chocolate Factory and Professional Bakery Size.

What is the Dutch Process?

Santa Barbara Chocolate's unique black cocoa develops this dark onyx cocoa color from roasting the cocoa beans and alkalizing them.  The alkalization process of cacao is called Dutch Process because it was invented in Holland. Alkalizing cocoa to different degrees allows color variation so your cookies, pie crusts or cakes can have unique and pretty chocolate color variation of lightness to darkness. Dutch Process also reduces the natural cocoa bean acidity so the cocoa powder won't react with baking powder in a recipe.  Dutch process also allows a variation in flavor of cocoa powders.  

You'll find our Rainforest Black Cocoa Powder to have a dark roast cocoa taste, earthy and heady with lighter fudge nuances and a trailing floral flavor. Having a range of cocoa powders is popular with gelato makers because each cocoa has a unique and individual chocolate flavor so a fleet tasting of chocolate gelato can be presented for a fun and memorable experience.  


The Santa Barbara Chocolate range of cocoa powder flavors:

Typically the lighter the color of the cocoa the flavor will be more acidic, fruity and with low fudge notes. Medium brown cocoas will tend to have some fruit note but the fudge flavor becomes more pronounced. With red cocoas the fudge flavor becomes less pronounced and the fruit flavor tends to give way to subtle floral hints.  So Black cocoa offers the most robust experience characteristically earthy with not as much fudge like flavor. The color and smell are the most intense aspects and as a result work wonderfully in a mud pie recipe or in chocolate hazelnut gelato.  

Santa Barbara Chocolate bulk cocoa powder is the best value on the market.  Taste and compare and see for yourself why our cocoa powder is used by the top pastry chefs, ice cream boutiques and chocolatiers.  

ingredient: Alkalized Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder Made in the USA - this is important. USA cocoa powders must meet higher standards than some of those made in other countries. We don't add a bunch of ash or filler and you can taste the difference right away.

Rainforest Black Cocoa is 100% cocoa solids which is ground cacao alkalized to offer the unique taste and color.

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Black Cocoa Powder with all the top quality earthy dark roast chocolate taste. Dark roast cacao, alkalized to offer the superb black color and deep rich black cocoa experience. This is the professional cocoa powder choice for baking.

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